L3P2 - Luke/Poe

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Ramin2-D2 531

Two characters with the best dice. This is obviously a variation from R2/P2. But what Luke gives is more consistent dice and additional health.

Critical card choices. While Ezra Saber and Poe Blaster are obvious, the generic Lightsaber was chosen over Rey Lightsaber. the damage sides are identical other than the 2 unblockable, which is used as a special chain with Poe. The play style is usually to give Shoto, and/or Ancient, to Luke, to keep him living for a while. With an eventual overwrite for Lightsaber to redeploy. It Binds All Things since most upgrades are blue. Destiny is great since Luke or some of the sabers usually a die roll value of 2, letting you cheat in a weapon onto Poe.

This deck is slow, with all the different symbols needed to resolve. But it is extremely consistent with dice. This deck has a good amount of removal and healing. It can outlast even against aggro and speedy decks.


ShadowLink 55

This looks like a decent deck! Would love to try this deck out one day!

the BEAST 1014

Why no All In?

Ramin2-D2 531

@the BEAST. great suggestion! i'll try to stick that in. although, i admit this deck does eat up a lot of resources, since i rarely use the resource side of any of the character dice.

Junin Lima 1

Have you considered Logistics or Chance Cube? Since the deck seems to suffer with resource generation. Also, why only 1 Poe Dameron's Blaster instead of 2?

Ramin2-D2 531

@Junin Lima. only one Poe Blaster because i always hated getting a second one i cant play. but i can definitely see the argument to have a second for consistency to draw.

Ramin2-D2 531

@Junin Lima Logistics is not a bad choice, been contemplating what to take out for it. Chance Cube is a big gamble, since you have to pay a resource upfront, limiting your other moves.