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Theebestwar1 110

Special chaining is the goal of the deck. Aayla Secura - Jedi General with 2 dice and Yoda - Wizened Master with 2 dice give you plenty of to work with chaining. Force Wave is a great card now and days because of the number of 3 character decks in the "meta". Using Yoda - Wizened Master to chain ether Force Wave or Handcrafted Light Bow for max damage! Aayla Secura - Jedi General works almost as well as Yoda. If she has ether Force Push or Force Throw she can remove and mess up your opponents dice with no trouble at all. Out of 17 events 8 are removal and 6 mess up their dice! You should have money to pay for both upgrades and removal. To play the deck is easier then it looks. Just chain your way to victory! Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II is a great! If you have a lose die out their make it a then resolve! Your opponents will fall down so fast by turn 3 you should have the game in your hands. Only 1 flaw is known so far and that's low health..... 20 HP for 2 characters is far lower then most decks and now that vehicles are the new "Meta" 20 HP is vary scary... But with so much removal it is a small flaw that should not blow you down! Yet 1 thing is for sure that Kylo Ren - Tormented One is a HUGE problem because of his power (Which should be balanced...) that deals 2 damage PER activation and his die roll is not bad. With Snoke - Supreme Leader he can deal 8 damage on the best outcome (For my opponent.) which is almost 1/4 of the entire 2 character HP! Yet in are store champs we have yet to see Kylo2 (Yay, for me.). This deck is not pure tier 1 but it's up there somewhere. Comments and constructive criticism welcome and thanks for reading!

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