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Hipo 3

I usually don't publish my decks and I'm know we're on a verge of a new set and nobody really cares about "old decks", but I had so much fun with this I couldn't help myself.

Ever since Built to Last was spoiled, I wanted to make a deck around it and in the final days of current meta I did.

I started more like a fun deck, but it turned out really solid. It won me one of our local tourneys, and was runner-up in the second (only due to horrible rolls in the last game).

It can ramp up real quick and Maz packed with a lot of big weapons in a beast. And the deck is fast enough to kill most of vehicle/support decks before they eat through my feeble HP pool.

Also Luke's dice is much harder to mitigate than regular damage dice, so he's another reason this deck works as well as it does. Plus timely Hyperspce Jump, as always, is game.

Anyways, if you're not too busy with testing AtG cards and have any tourneys before the release date, give these old guys (and gals) a try ;)


DarthVaderRocks 106

I feel like this deck would make good use of Lightsaber Pull. Thoughts?

Amateria 1

@DarthVaderRocks , I played a similar style deck that revolves around Built to Last, and frankly, lightsaber pull just doesn't matter. Lightsaber Pulls power comes from letting you choose a specific weapon, but in a deck like this, specifics don't matter. Any unique blue weapon has value due to it being granted redploy and the cheaper cost.

The deck I ran included Honed Skills, which really increased the value of the Unique weapons. Getting 4-5 upgrades on a character, then having them all redploy on death hurts real bad on the other side of the table.