4 Wide Villain Vehicles (1-3 store tourney)

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Fromper 78

Relatively new player trying my first vehicle deck. Not enough big hitting, and I never quite got my supports out as quickly as I wanted. Also, Friends in High Places kept missing the good stuff. I was lucky to even win one game out of 4.

On the up side, the trick of activating the 3 non-uniques, then have Piett rig them all to their money sides worked great - in the first round. Piett often died too early to pull that off in the second round, and definitely by the third round.

If I want to try this again, I'll need to ditch the 2 cost vehicles and invest in more copies of the 4+ cost big hitters. Per advice from one of the better players around here, I'll also ditch Friends in High Places for just more typical money cards like Logistics.

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Insert Name 2

Change Piett to Mother talzin (access to blue and her ability is strong) then maybe try cienna instead of the rebel traitor. Throw in a couple of chance cubes and then get as many odd costing vehicles and into the deck and it'll be alot stronger trust me.