Poe/Hondo | French Nationals 2018 TOP8 | YOUR Destiny

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YOUR Destiny Podcast 1338

This deck was played by Maxime Dubosc at French Nationals 2018 and managed to secure a top8 placing!

Read our Tournament Analysis here: http://yourdestiny.dk/blog/french-nationals-2018-tournament-report-1



RebelTraitor 110

why no jumps and hand-cannons?

Amroth 1

There is only a slight difference with the decklist I played in French Nationals, just swap 2 copies of Holdout Blaster with 2 copies of Fast Hands !

@RebelTraitor Handheld seems very strong but I have only one of them. And I think play only one isn't very good because you want him very early to play on Poe with his Blaster. But most of the time Poe is focused. In end game it's more complicated to have 2 upgrades on Hondo with Cunning , Second Chance and another. But maybe i'm wrong :D

Hyperspace Jump I don't know. I prefer Retreat because it costs only 2 but switch with my battlefield seems pretty good yes. Play both of them is too much nope ?

wodan 1

@Amroth Congrats for your result "Escadron de la Cantina" :)

But the best with this deck is havint Katagena singing "Poe Poe Poe Poe Hondo - Poe Hondo" behind you !

patfan096 20

Amroth 1

Not sure bro' why ?