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Hessian Sack 1325

Deck-building Goals: When I built this deck, I had three goals: Build a viable Hera vehicle deck; Give it lots of shields and health; Make it fun, not just competitive, but preferably both. I feel that I achieved all of these with this.

Goals When Playing: The goals I have when playing are pretty simple, and similar to the deck-building goals: Play vehicles (obviously); Generate a ton of shields; Have fun; Win (duh); Do special shenanigans.

Game Plan:

Mulligan: You’re looking for a Chance Cube, a U-Wing, another 2 cost vehicle, a Caution, and another mitigation piece or Rally Aid. The perfect starting hand is Chance Cube, U-Wing, Resistance Crait Speeder, Caution, and either Hidden Motive or Rally Aid.

Round One: Ideally, you’ll play your Chance Cube on Yoda turn one. Then activate Hera in hope of a special. If you hit it, resolve immediately and smack that U-Wing onto the table nice and fast. With Yoda you just want to do Yoda things and make shields or resources. One of the most common choices that you’ll have to make with this deck is whether or not to resolve Yoda’s special for resources or shields. It depends on the situation. Keep counting your resources, see how many you need to pay for everything, if you have excess, gain shields. Deal damage or gain shields with your supports. I can’t stress enough how careful you should be with your sequencing. Sequencing means everything with vehicles.

Round Two and onwards: You want to play a vehicle every round. Y-Wing does a lot of work. Then carefully sequence your activations and die resolutions until you win or lose the game. It’s simple really.

I'd really appreciate your feedback and questions :)


Hessian Sack 1325

What are everyone's thoughts on -1 Millennium Falcon +1 Handheld L-S1 Cannon?

karchev18 2

Think then maybe just take out picking so you can run 2

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1426

@Hessian Sack If you'd like to do a deck analysis write up for the YOUR Destiny website of this deck please reach out to us ... love the idea! write to

Cheers Claus

ToddRickYG 1

@Hessian Sackreally like the deck idea im going to try this out with X wings and the 6 drop millennium instead to see how that works.