1st Place Tulsa Regional

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Snokin Hot Mess 2nd @ CT Regional 33 29 14 1.0
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Laval Régional eSnoke eTarkin 5-2 Top 8 1 1 0 1.0

pastorian83 55

Here is the deck that I was able to pilot to a 1st place finish at the 53 player Tulsa regional hosted by Team Covenant. This deck is essentially the same deck that was piloted by the Golden Dice Podcast last week to a 2nd place finish. The only thing I changed was I dropped one copy of Probe for a 2nd copy of I Am Your Father. Expecting to see plenty of Vader's, I felt it was important to have this extra copy in my deck. Here is a rundown of my day:

RD 1 - Rey1/Boushh (AKA Thelma and Louise) - L This was piloted by Zach Bunn who crushed me with action cheats from Rey.

RD 2 - Bye Hey free win!!!!

RD 3 - Lando2/Leia2 - W This was piloted by a local player I play with all the time. She got incredibly unlucky and didn't see an upgrade for the first 2 turns and I dropped a Vader's Fist rd 1.

RD 4 - Han3/Wedge - W This was the 2nd game in a row that I was pitted against another local player of mine. We even rode to the even together. Again, I dropped Vader's Fist rd 1 and never looked back.

RD 5 - Vader/FO Stormtrooper - W Really Tome? 3rd game in a row playing a local player. I don't remember much about this game other than again seeing Vader's Fist early and using Anger to punch Vader with his own dice. It felt good beating the "Big Bad" but I hated the fact it had to be one of my locals.

RD 6 - Beckett/Ciena - L This game was rough. My opponent opened with a Friends in Low Places and tossed my deflect. More importantly he saw the Vader's Fist in my hand. He then focused on keeping me off money for the next 3 rds all while dropping the Firespray and loading it up with mods. I was eventually able to kill Ciena, but a devestaing Partnership for 7 damage was the final blow.

RD 7 - Dooku/Talzin - W This was a pretty quick game. My opponent was not able to find an upgrade for the first few turns and I was able to pump out a ton of indirect damage. I think I was able to drop Fist down on turn 3, but by then that was just the icing on the cake.

With 2 losses I knew that I had a chance of making the cut. I have a history at Covenant events of coming in 9th place. That has happened on more than one occasion. So I was thrilled to hear my name as the 7th seed going into the top 8 cut.

Top 8 - Beckett/Ciena - W,W This was a rematch against the guy that beat me in Rd 6. These two games went pretty quick. I was able to actually get ahead on the money this game. My opponent had to pitch almost his entire hand just to roll some resource sides. That allowed me to get Vader's Fist out and start putting out some damage. Game 2 was a blur, but I know it was closer, but I was able to pull it out.

Top 4 - Vader/Greedo - W,W This match was on the Covenant stream. Feel free to check it out if you are interested. I don't recall a lot of the details, but I was able to use I Am Your Father and Anger to great effect in both of my games.

Finals - Vader/Greedo - W,L,W Two Vader's down and one to go. I was actually very happy to see that my opponent was Vader/Greedo. I didn't want anything to do with what could have been my other opponent. He was playing Chewie/Yoda. I knew with all the shields and 2nd chances that it would have been a tough match-up for me. These games in the finals are really a blur. If you want to watch them, they are up on the Team Covenent FaceBook page. Game two was one of the funnest games of Destiny I have ever played. It was filled with ups and downs on both of our parts. Vader managed to stay alive with 2-3 HP left for 2-3 rds. I for sure made some misplays that would have given me a better chance at winning that game, but my opponent played flawlessly to capture game 2. Game 3 I was again able to get the Fist out rd 1 and it does what it does...just win.

After 14 games of Destiny and 12 hours later I came out on top. What is crazy is weeks before this event I was sure I was going to play Dooku/Talzin. However days before the event at a local tournament, I was throttled by Mill. I played about 6 games and maybe won 2. So literally Saturday morning, just hours before the event, I ran to my office and built the Tarkin/Snoke deck. I had watched the stream the week before and saw how much damage it could put out. I was banking on seeing 2 character lists most of the day. I was right and didn't come across a single 3 wide. With the ability to get off 8+ damage a rd is huge win your opponent only has 20-22 HP. And then there is Vader's Fist. I believe this is the most powerful card in the game. I won every game that it hit the table, and I don't think it was even close to losing.

Thanks to all my OKC playtest partners for destroying me and forcing me to switch decks. Thanks to my local store Edmond Unplugged for giving me a place to play! Thanks to Team Covenant for putting on such a great event. And thanks to the community for being the best gaming community out there!


Orffme 57

Congrats on your win!

JustJackGDP 402

Congrats on your win man! So hype to see Tarkin Snoke do well. Great job on the games I got to see on stream, you played great.

pantone175c 1

Huge congrats on taking the day @pastorian83 ! I was the rd5 opponent although I player Vader/FO Stormtrooper, not Greedo, shows how memorable my deck was ha!

Anger was a great include. You piloted the deck extremely well and had an answer in every situation. Glad our local OKC play group has a regional champion. Gives us something to gun for. Grats again, well earned!

pastorian83 55

@pantone175c@gmail.comI'm so sorry Mario! You are totally right. Your deck was very different than other Blue/Red Vader decks. It was awesome to see your additions doing so well.

Beaconfire 1

You deserved it man! You played great in your top 8 run. Also you proved my theory of Vader’s fist round 1 = win.

ciamoslaw 1

Hi, one question from my side. This deck is pretty slow comparing to current meta. Then why still taking Theed and giving our opponent res every round? I can imagine that it can be useful only when you win the roll and you really want that first round 1..

Beaconfire 1

Taking that resource round to drop Vader’s fist turn one, or set it up for turn two at the latest is key. When that hits the floor, the damage output is so high. I played against him and watched all of his top 8 games. When he hits the fist turn one, he never lost.

tmol 41

Congrats on taking it down! I was your finals opponent. Thanks for the great games. Game 2 was equally the most tense and enjoyable game of destiny I've ever played.