Top 4 MD Regional (7-0 in Swiss)

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EdgySithLord 132

Thanks to Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD for holding a fantastic tournament. Big shout out to my play test partner and great friend Austin, who is a speed demon when it comes to deck building, the crew at Cloud City Games (Mike, Ben, Tyler, Bill, Joe, John, Jeff, and Noah), each and everyone of my opponents, and the Arrow Brook Gaming guys!

I've been playing some form of Vader since the games introduction, and I don't plan to stop now, even with his spike in popularity.

After making the Top 8 at the CT regional and getting wiped by Mill, it felt good to take things a step further. I made a few changes for mill but never faced it throughout the tournament. Ill briefly cover each round here:


Round 1: ETalzin/Vader (W)

He didn't see his Way of the Force after I finished Talzin quickly. He then played Fist and had Vader with a Force Throw. I was able to capitalize on a The Price of Failure play and kill Vader soon after.

Round 2: ELuke3/ERey2 (W)

I should've lost this game. I know that. My opponent (who's name escapes me) knows it. I played Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber early to mitigate Rey's ping damage. He put a Shoto on Luke so he became my main target. I foolishly try to set up a force strike (not resolving) into Friends in High Places but his bluff worked and he mitigates. I take around 6 damage on Vader and put 6 into Luke. Next round he puts Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod on Luke so I continue trying to put him down. He gets Vader to 4 remaining. I'm only able to get Luke to around 4 remaining due to a Force Illusion. Round 3 he puts Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber on Luke. I roll out Vader and hit 2 melee and a blank. He rolls out Luke and hits not 1 but 4 blanks and a resource! I resolve the 2 melee. He rerolls then I force strike to kill Luke. Very unfortunate for him. Rey is unable to finish Vader and I Rise Again the next round later finishing Rey.

Round 3: EBeckett/ETalzin (W)

I remember taking Talzin down pretty quick. Some Stifle and Coercion plays really slowed me down. He killed Vader leaving Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary against his Beckett with around 5 health remaining. I dropped a fist and was able to pull it out with a Greedo 2 indirect side. If he sequenced it right, he may have been able to finish Greedo without the potential reroll in with a Backup Muscle he had down. Thanks Kyle for another super tight game!

Round 4: EAphra/Executioner/Executioner (W)

He played a Déjà Vu round 1 but didn't see any droids. I was able to put pressure on Aphra early and finish her off in the coming round. He went for Greedo first to capitalize on the executioners rolling in. Déjà Vu was paying off for him as he was playing free mitigation twice and cards like Cunning Ruse which were killer. I was seriously concerned with playing around Wanton Destruction but he wasn't running it. I was able to finish the last executioner off, with Vader around 11 damage on him.

Round 5: EDooku/ETalzin (W)

Count Dooku - Darth Tyranus ability late game is pretty annoying so I decide to go for him first. I put some good damage into him and I believe I eat through some of an illusion. He claims so I get aggressive and PoF right away. It paid off with another 5 damage. The beginning of the next round I roll in and then force strike the kill onto Dooku after he was unlucky and only healed for 2 on a Witch Magick. Talzin is left out to dry and I finish her shortly after. It was really great meeting Paul as he lives around the Philly area. He knows one of my friends pretty closely so we talked a lot before and after the game. I look forward to playing again! He made it to the top 8 which is amazing for his first tournament!

Round 6: ESnoke/Ciena/Traitor (W)

I'm matched against Cody from ABG who is the the only other undefeated to this point and for good measure. He is an incredible player and I have a lot of respect for him. It was late in the day so I'm having a hard time remembering all the details of the last couple of matches. Cody dropped a fist turn one and put some insane pressure on me. I killed Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot first and then went for Snoke - Supreme Leader. I remember him not rolling so hot in the late game and me putting a lot of pressure on him with some good rolls, Bait and Switch and Force Strike. I was able to pull it off in the end. Cody you were awesome to play against and congrats on going all the way to the finals!

Round 7: EVader/Greedo (W)

This match I was insanely lucky. I roll a perfect 10 on the roll off for my battlefield. He rolls Vader out and hits a 4 and a blank. I play I Am Your Father on the 4 and he pitches his hand! He puts 6 into my Vader with the 4 and a 2 on Greedo. I reroll and play the not 1, but 2 Friends in High Places I have in my hand for a Darksaber and Vader's Fist turn 1! The damage was too much to handle and I put Vader down the next round. Craig did insanely well for his first tournament so big congrats! I believe he ended up 9th!

This is the cut to top 8, but there is some confusion. The top 8 didn't seem to reflect on those who should've been there. Cody and Drew were both out and after doing some of the math they shouldn't have been. They plead their case and the TO caught that byes were being counted higher than they should've been. Cody, Drew, and Dave from ABG are all now in. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Top 8: ESnoke/Ciena/Traitor (W 2-0)

Drew from ABG is the 8th seed so I know what and who I'm up against, that being an amazing player and the current National Champion. He dropped a Vader's Fist in each game turn 1 which was brutal to deal with, but the deck does it so well. I got lucky getting a Fear and Dead Men in round 1 or 2 of each game off on the 4 melee side which was pretty tough for him. I went for Snoke first and continued with the other 2. I don't remember a whole lot other than rolling well and trying to heal and block as much of his damage as possible.

In the second game, I would've been in a rough spot if he had found his second Force Illusion but luckily he did not. Drew really made me think on each play that I made, but I'd expect nothing less. Great games that were a lot of fun!

Top 4: ESnoke/Ciena/Traitor (L 1-2)

C'mon ABG. How many times do I have to play against this! In all seriousness, I almost took Dave's offer to scoop for a case of beer. In the first game that I won, he was ramping super hard. I got lucky with a PoF play later on that put me ahead allowing me to win it.

The second game was getting close again, but he was able to finish it out with a 4 indirect on the Fist to kill Vader and Greedo at the same time. With Rise Again coming, I had an At Odds for the 3, 3 sides but I didnt see them unfortunately.

I didn't feel I stood a chance in the last game. I was so behind only putting out 4 damage in the first round. He ramped super hard into a Umbaran Hover Tank and mods. He dropped a Vader's Fist to seal the deal late game. Probe was so big for him in each game, almost taking 2 big events each time. Great games nonetheless from a great guy and player! Dave, sorry about stealing your Fist die! Will return to sender! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

All in all, it was a fun and exhausting day.

Somethings I would change:

-2 Close Quarters Assault +2 Resource generation.

CQA never felt amazing, even with the extra melee on the Ancient die. I really missed having No Good To Me Dead or Truce.

-1 I Am Your Father +1 Fear and Dead Men

It was awful not having 2 of these in the 3 wide match ups. I am your father is too situational here.

-1 Maul's Lightsaber +1 ?????????????

Out of every game I have played with this deck, I don't think I've ever seen this hit the table. There was something always better to be played.

Just wanted to give credit to Adam.Mustoe on TTS as we collaborated on the Prized Possession idea. It's insane in the mirror and against other characters with die abilities, such as Palp, Qui-gon2, etc. I play it frequent enough to not have considered removing it.

Thanks for checking out my write-up everyone! Ill be at the Boonton, NJ Regional in a few weeks!


greg_windshield 17

@EdgySithLord thanks for the name drop! Craig here, it was awesome to say against you. Congrats on your finish!

ABG_Dave 141

@EdgySithLord Great games thanks for the shoutout! I know you said I blew you out game 3 in the cut but I didn't feel that way at all. Vader's always seems 1 Rise Again away from smashing and I felt super lucky to be able to stop it without any Probes left in Game 3. Amazing games to finish a great day. I gotta apologize to Austin next time I see him too. I didn't mean to single him out for watching the games or anything, it just seemed like he was always in my field of vision. Maybe I slant left or something :(

Ozmodon 1

How often did you use Fear And Dead Men? I hardly ever use it and am having a rough time justifying 2 in my deck.

EdgySithLord 132

@greg_windshield Thanks and of course! Hope to play you again in the future.

`@ABG_Dave Great games for sure Dave! I don't think he took any offense to it anyway :)

@Ozmodon Its decent against 2 wides in most situations, and has extreme value against 3 wides. Definitely wish I saw it more in my last couple of games.I didn't use it often, but when I did, it felt great. Also running 1 didn't lend me the chance to play it much. I'll be running it as a 2 of again.