Dryden Witch Doctor Top 16 Fresno Regional

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Vandraven 34

This deck is something I have been working on for a bit now. To be honest I don't think I am great at the game so a lot of the cards in this deck are more meta calls than anything else.

Now to explain the best I can on how this deck works. At the start I am normally looking for a Chance Cube and at least one weapon or removal. The idea is to get a Chance Cube on Talzin and dice fix for money then put high cost weapons on Vos to deal damage. I use the Solar Sailer for resources or dice fixing, and when I play the Command Shuttle all I use is the SPECIAL! for the most part. All of the events are used to help control the battlefield and deal with some meta choices. I tend to only use Dryden's SPECIAL! when it's very early in a game or when I can't dice fix either through focus or risking re-rolls.

I think Dryden has a very powerful dice that most people over look because of Vader. Once you get a weapon on Dryden he can fix his own dice with the 2 focus sides, or deal 2-3 damage with each one. I tend to play the SPECIAL! as a consolation prize. Yes it's great to get a Vader's Fist out turn one for free but a lot of decks can push a Vader's Fist turn one. I tried to make the deck able to handle most match ups but it can be prone to bad draws. The only really bad match up I think this deck has is fast action cheating aggro decks because it relies a lot on removal or controlling board state in some way.

At Odds and Chance Cube are great for anti-Mill, Coercion and Threaten are there mostly for Vader, and Vandalize helps with Vehicle mods and force illusion, and Stifle is great all the time.

I'll roughly go over my matches as best I remember and how I think I did. In the end I was 4-0 at lunch and ended 4-3 though the guy who won the whole thing had one loss and it was to me.(This is my Dryden SPECIAL! consolation prize)

Round 1


This was someone from my local meta and a really good player. This was a solid match up but I was able to get a Chain Sickle on Dryden early and started to deal out damage. I don't remember all of the plays but my deck did what it should in do this game, controlling the board state and dealing damage. Dryden's SPECIAL! is fun but you can't always count on it, so the solid damage sides on his dice and the chain sickle are what won me the game. Close to the end he was able to get out two Hellfire Droid Tanks and 0-0-0 but I was able to counter the dice most of the game. I used the SPECIAL! into a Witch Magick and a Darksaber late game which is what put an end to the match. Won

Round 2

EQui-Gon Jinn/EYoda/Solidarity

This was a rematch for me from the San Diego Regional. The last time I played this person and deck was on stream and we both made some misplays. This time I won the battlefield. I tried to take it slow and focus on the board state. Hero shields can be very difficult for my deck but I knew what I was looking for. The match was pretty standard with damage being dealt back and forth and me making sure Qui-Gon had little to no shields for most of the match. I hit a Dryden SPECIAL! on turn one into a Command Shuttle and throughout the game the Command Shuttle SPECIAL! into a Solar Sailer, Chain Sickle, Threaten(that did two damage to Qui-Gon) and a Stifle. At the end I was able to lock him down with a Coercion and finish off Qui-Gon. He put up a good fight with Yoda but tried to save his Force Illusion for the last hit. I played Vandalize to remove the Force Illusion and finish the game. Won

Round 3

EHan/EYoda/Double Down

This was the one match up I did not want to fight and is the hardest for my deck. Dryden can dish out large amounts of damage but the Han/Yoda is just to fast. The match itself started with his battle field and Talzin sitting at 3 health and no shields before I was even able to do anything more than play a chance cube. I rolled out Talzin and fixed the cube only to have it removed. Then I Dryden SPECIAL! into a Vader's Fist turn one. The fist ended by doing 6 damage to Han and putting two shields on Talzin. At the start of round two it was an uphill fight and I often thought I was as good as done. Thanks to another SPECIAL! I got out a Command Shuttle and that turned into a Solar Sailer and Darth Vader's Lightsaber as the game went on. I used both Witch Magick and took shields whenever I could for Talzin. By the end of the match I had to burn through two Second Chances to finally win the game.

Round 4


This time I got my battlefield. I did my best to spread the damage around between Dryden and Talzin but ended turn one with 3 damage Talzin and 4 on Dryden. I was able to do 3 Damage to Tarkin and a failed SPECIAL!. Turn two is when things started to get a little more level. I was able to SPECIAL! into a Vader's Fist and pay for a Vader Saber on Dryden. Even with all of this I was only able to do about 3 damage to Tarkin. I used the Saber to roll Dryden's dice back in and got a SPECIAL! that turned into a In the Crosshairs which removed all but one of his dice and then I used the Ambush to Claim and remove the last dice. From that point Dryden was able to beat down Tarkin and Talzin got the last shot. He did Flames of the Past my Vader's Fist though. Snoke was fully loaded and had Force Jump which bought him some time. I Dryden SPECIAL! into a Darksaber that I didn't play for free because I thought I had to overwrite the Vader Saber or Chain Sickle for some weird reason. I did end up overwriting the Vader Saber next round which was a waste of resources and time for me since I could have played it for free. I ended the match by using the Solar Sailer to 2 focus my Dark Saber and the Chain Sickle. He couldn't deal with both and that was game.


Round 5

ESnoke/Talzin/First Order StormTrooper

This was the most fun match for me. I had never seen this deck before and I was worried about Talzin on Talzin passive aggressive hate crimes. I don't remember all of the details of the match because I was pretty tired and on my third can of monster after a long lunch. The one thing I do remember is that I was pretty much just outplayed the whole game. The player made me second guess myself and my choices of target often. He only had a Vader's Fist and an ARC-170 out but the dice removal and damage was very consistent. I didn't get anything notable with the Dryden SPECIAL! other than a Solar Sailer. By the end of the match his Talzin was dead and the First order was either dead or close to it. This match up was one I wish I could have played three or four more times. The player was cool and the deck was exciting to me. Loss

Round 6


This match up is a hard one. Vader deals more damage than Dryden and doesn't need to depend on dice fixing like my deck does. I started with a Coercion hoping for a Price of Failure but ended up misplaying a Friends in High Places that he couldn't play. The Vader deck didn't seem all that different aside from adding Treasured Lightsaber which he got out turn one and was able to do a lot of damage with. The game was very fast and I played roughly how every match with Vader goes by dealing damage back and forth. I almost got a Snare off on turn two but I played a Chain Sickle for some reason and even put down the wrong dice for it. I think I was just to tired at this point and not thinking clearly. In that round he did Price of Failure and ended up killing Talzin and almost Dryden. The game ended with Vader having 8 damage I think and one burned Force Illusion but he had two Treasured Lightsabers and finished me off. Loss

Round 7

EYoda/Hired Gun/Gungan/Armored Reinforcement

I didn't look at the deck in detail but it was basically just a Shadow Caster deck, I didn't notice any special. I started by drawing into 2 Electroshock, 2 At odds and an In the Crosshairs. I kept one of the Electroshocks and pitched the rest. I then drew 1 Coercion, 1 Electroshock, 2 At Odds. The first round I pretty much removed all of his dice hoping to hold out for something better. He got the Shadow Caster out on the first turn with reinforcement and added a Dorsal Turret. Second turn I Vandalized the Dorsal turret and spent the round just trying to stop damage since I did not draw into a weapon. I did two Dryden SPECIAL! and only got a Chance cube. Round three I still had not drawn a weapon and the Shadow Caster was fully loaded. He focused down Dryden and even with a Witch Magick I couldn't keep him alive. The final round I drew 5 cards and had 2 Dark Sabers, 2 Darth Vader's Lightsaber and the Solar Sailer. That was pretty much game since I used most of my dice removal just to get to this point. The player was really cool but in the end Yoda only had 9 damage and the Shadow Caster was already in full swing. Loss

All in all my SOS was pretty high and it was the best I have placed at a Regional beating my 3-4 record at the San Diego Regional. I was pretty tired most of the day due to the long drive up there and how taxing some of my games were but I had a great time overall.


Stephilmike 22

Have you considered using Cunning as well?

Vandraven 34

Cunning rotated in and out of this deck. In the end I just found that the it wasn't worth it. It's an even numbered card, has to go on Dryden and I normally used the special on Yoda's special when I was in those match ups. The Command took up the slot I used to have cunning in.

greg_windshield 17

First off, congratulations on your top 16 finish! I've tried so hard to find a Dryden deck that would work because your so right I think he's underrated because of Vader but his sides are pretty nasty. Love it, will be watching this list and am excited to see iterations off of this idea.

jgarza0072001 352

congrats brother, Its been a pleasure seeing your skills and this deck grow. It's always something SPECIAL to see when it works.

Ping23 27

fun deck and a great write up! Glad you had a good time and made top 16 for your mama prize ;)

nez477 126

Amazed that Dryden could make top 16, this is awesome.

How did you work to keep Dryden's dice in the pool, Coercion? It just seems against most opponents that you'd lose 1-2 Dryden dice every round...

Vandraven 34

Mostly it's a mix of things. To start Retribution starts to add up over time, then it's a matter of normally having better targets like Vader's Fist. You can use Coercion get a look at their hand and make the best calls on what they might remove. Also for some reason people only seem to remove the dice when its the SPECIAL! and rarely the damage. Vader's saber helps to roll removed dice back in and to be honest removal was never really an issue. Only the saber has + damage sides so that helps a bit as well.