Nope (Milwaukee Regional 5-2, 9th out of 66?)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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11TH - MURCIA REGIONAL 2019 (27P) - 4W 2L 2 0 1 1.0

AlreadyPicked 14

Would you remove Bartering and On The Hunt for 2x Streetwise?

Drop it like it's Hutt 116

I tried this casually a few weeks ago and agree that it feels great. I ran more upgrades though, with Sith Holocron to help get out Force Throw, which has an awesome special with DJ's ability on top. If cutting Bartering and On The Hunt, do you think Force Throw is a wise inclusion?

master_shapiro 71

I was there with Sabine / Ezra / doubledown

littlemag126 445

@Drop it like it's Hutt The problem with force throw is that you're spending 3 resources to MAYBE roll a special to MAYBE control one die as your opponent could easily remove it, and that control only comes later in the turn. Those 3 resources could have instead been spent to immediately control 1 dice 3 times. You can't lose the tempo on any turn, even round 1, to play force throw in my opinion, you'll take too much damage that turn, and might not get any value in the long run depending on rolls / opponents control

littlemag126 445

@AlreadyPicked There might be too many non yellow events for streetwise, you'd have to change the control suite a bit

chinovalley 316

De Ja Vu seems like it would be useful in this list.

littlemag126 445

@chinovalley The problem is similar to force throw. The round you play it you're giving up 2 resources worth of control, which is 6-10 damage swing, you cant afford that as it puts you at risk of losing a character too fast.

Razelll 244


Strog 714

What about Torment ?

littlemag126 445

@Razelll lets assume 2 resources = 2 dice removed, dice in this meta are typically 2-4 damage (4-8) DJ passive is 1 per die = 6-10 total damage swing from 2 resources

@Strog Maybe? i suppose if you get it early and later on overwrite with illusion it could give a like 2-3 resources, worth a shot

ciamoslaw 1

why not crossguard lightsaber ?