Three Kings

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toyboatpirate 53

I could not submit with Clone Commander Cody - Loyal Strategist at elite, but he fits.

The plan is to wait to use Armored Reinforcement until you have 1 or 2 X-Wing out showing damage. Search for another X-Wing and resolve with +1 on each. Then roll out for another 2-3 or . That's usually round 2.

Until then, focus on getting on Cody. Rex's Blaster Pistol, Clone Trooper ability, even Aerial Advantage in a pinch. Mitigation and healing to keep Cody alive, and Ground Battalion as a backup plan. Locked and Loaded is a late game powerhouse, with every die having a 2 side or greater, notably X-Wing and Ground Battalion.

I'd like to fit Logistics, and E-11 Blaster has tested well. Looking for any feedback. Thank you!

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