This is a HOLD UP! (Solidarity Deck)

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IrishViking67 15

In this deck, Beckett's Special synergizes great with Hondo's to do a lot of damage into a character. It ramps up even faster when you can get down Beckett's Rifle down with it's Special. The fact that Hondo and Beckett's Rifle have two specials each on each dice, means they are going to be fairly consistent. Beckett's focus side also aids in getting specials to come up. With Emperor's Throne Room as a battlefield, you can be fast enough to claim leaving one of the dice in the pool just to turn it to a special to resolve.
The cards provide dice and card mitigation while allowing you to slow your opponent down. Improvised Defense is great when it comes down due to be able to remove a dice that was just turned. Thus further slowing up your opponent's offensive plan. I put Streetwise in this deck, just to make it even easier to get events down. However, resources will not be an issue for this deck.

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