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thewelcomemat 32

haven't tried it yet but will soon. the idea is to abuse the "token of affection" card using 8/30 cards with Ambush on it (well-connected will be Truce just didn't want the deck to be listed as Standard yet)...not sure what the sweet spot will be for this, but we can adjust accordingly. I only have 1 logistics right now because I imagine scenarios where resolving the modify resource on the Informant and the Token would prohibit its use. One thing I'm not as sure about is consistency, so Senate Chamber and BB-8 could find their way into the list. Once I have a second copy of Triple Laser Turret I will probably run that- I have also found success with "Defensive Racing" so I will consider that as an option. if vehicles are common post rotation we can also consider cards like "Dogfight", and Vandalize is an option as well. other 0 cost cards like "crash landing" and once it drops the "electromagnetic pulse" that removes a droid or vehicle die seem like solid choices. Let me know your thoughts. I like the health of this deck (30 across 4 characters) and with trusted informant hopefully we can get rid of Vaders Fist and Fear and Dead Men. we should have enough money to pay Leia Boushh 1 resource but 2 may get tough. I could see 2 copies of Improvised Defense once rotation hits as focus seems like it will be more common.

Way of the Light seems solid, and Freefall could work with the Ambush but I feel it's removal value is maybe too situational from my limited experience with the card.

Round 1 I imagine we will mulligan hard for the ShadowCaster, and want a truce, a token of affection, and either have or draw into 1-2 mods. maybe one removal like Easy Pickings or Into the Garbage to keep things decent. Optimally I think you want at least 1 copy of Scruffy looking.

That's all I got for now let me know anything I may have missed and your thoughts on the deck in the comments below.

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