Jawas with Blasters and Mercenaries

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Convergence increased the grey neutral card pool significantly, with some fun new options, so, naturally, I wanted to see how they might work with my Jawa friends.


Upgrade your Jawas with Redeploy weapons, including the new Grievance Striker. Redeploy is a must, because let's face it, you're gonna lose some Jawas.

That's why Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa is the battlefield. It's tempting to include New Orders to guarantee it, and also tempting to include Swiftness to lead into New Orders for a double claim of Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa that could finish off your opponent with 6 damage. But this deck uses other tricks instead.

There is surprise damage from Wounded, No Cheating and Surprise Attack, and you've hired some Fickle Mercenaries. I love this card design! After you play it, what does your opponent do? I see it as win/win with Jawas: either they spend precious resources to take it away from you, likely deviating from their gameplan doing so (and even if they do, you might get it back from them the same round), or they leave it with you, giving you a cheap and fairly reliable damage support.

The rest of the deck is cheap removal or health/shield boost, and there's plenty of it - add those to your starting 35 health, and your Jawas will be sticking around for a while. Fight Back, Flank and Near Miss are all important to fend off the heavy damage. ("Jawa" is a subtype, so Near Miss works.)

Resourceful is an auto-include, because you'll roll blanks to get the resource from.

Electromagnetic Pulse is of course highly situational, but bearing in mind the last two sets favour vehicles and droids, it's too good to ignore and should see play. Still, only one copy here because of its situationality (not sure if that's a word but I'm running with it).


The main problem is going to be resources. You have five Jawas with a resource side, and they are Resourceful, but still, your hardest hitting upgrade costs 3, and many of your best damage sides cost 1 to resolve. The deck includes 12 zero cost cards to help compensate for that, but maybe Remote Stockpile should be included for first-round play.

Other card options

I wanted to fit Podracer in. The 2 free unmodified damage sides are helpful (potentially), and they're thematic. Looking ahead: soon we'll have Electro Sword! I would consider adding one of those, and taking out Hidden Blaster or a Grievance Striker.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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