Yoda/Chewbacca Lightsaber Mastery

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Mcbober 47

A simple Chewie themed deck for a chewie-only event.


BigCatDragon 35

if you can fit in Fickle Mercenaries or Hired Muscle (Scoundrels) that would activate chewie's guardian which might be nice

Mcbober 47

That could be a way to go. During the chewie night I saw someone else play a scoundrel focused Chewie/Yoda. The objective of this deck however is to load up Chewie with all of the upgrades using Custom Bandolier and then kill the opponent with Fatal Blow. To that end, keeping Yoda alive using Guardian isn't really that important as you want the opponent to kill Yoda first. Yoda is basically just here to generate money/shields and focus dice, and people like to kill him first so you get plenty of time to gear up Chewie.

I've only played the deck once, but in my game I had 10 upgrades on Chewie and used Fatal Blow to hit the opponent's final character for 13 damage. It plays a lot like the other Custom Bandolier decks, and isn't really as good, but it dies get the advantage of the opponent typically going after Yoda first.