Deck of Joe Masilotti went 6-0 in the Galactic Qualifier at

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Deck of Joe Masilotti went 6-0 in the Galactic Qualifier at 0 0 0 1.0
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Jp2227230 186


joemasilotti 1299

Thanks for posting my deck, @jp2227230.

I'll be writing up a detailed deck breakdown on YOUR Destiny later this week. Keep an eye out for it!

Rheler 1

How is his standard format? should it be marked as infinite?

Rheler 1

never mind lol forgot that they reprinted some of the cards.

joemasilotti 1299

The "Sets" is actually incorrect because of card reprints.

Dodge, It Binds All Things and No Mercy were reprinted in Convergence and Doubt and Intimidate were reprinted in the Two-Player Game.

thegandork 665

@Rheler I think... because .... stick with me here.... this is a Standard deck

Rheler 1

@joemasilottiYeah I forgotten they were reprinted, and had read the awakenings listed above.

sayguh 387

Dodge over Dive?

joemasilotti 1299

As promised, here's my detailed deck analysis over on YOUR Destiny:

artyzipp 1

@joemasilotti thanks for the great writeup

DarthTarso 1

Very nice deck.

artyzipp 1

This deck has been playing really well for me