Imperial Hyper Aggro

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JustPlayIan 310

Built by Ian from

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Maƫlig 1

Just raw efficiency, love it. What about blaster rifle in the upgrade suite? I think I'd also play 1 or 2 on the hunt, seems like it would really help against the supper defensive decks (considering you don't play intimidate or tie fighter).

JustPlayIan 310

On the Hunt is too variable, for me. If the opponent is not running many shields it isn't worth it, it's melee side is difficult for us to trigger and its discard side is a blank for us. Plus the fact that even if the opponent does have some shields, you can actually just burn through them with damage. If your meta was VERY shield heavy I could certainly see running it, but you don't want to be left with OtH as the upgrade you draw with a bunch of events as it has the potential to just slow down your damage too much.