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Dice of Failure 772

Dice of Failure Original

This is the closest deck to the current popular Vader build, and it illustrates a few distinct advantages.

  1. Veteran Stormtrooper is miles better than FOST. Two more health and a no-cost 3-indirect side instead of the 2 ranged for one.
  2. You have a point to spare for Retribution

Right now, the only way to get Vader with Retribution is to run Clawdite Shapeshifter or Battle Droid, both of which represent huge disadvantages that people have deemed not worth it in comparison to FOST. This build gets the best of both worlds: a better support character AND retribution.

If the worst thing that can happen to this deck is Maul's dice being removed, you can at least make them pay for it. Also, you run Resilient, making them have to work extra hard to rid the board of Maul's dice while your punishing them for trying.

Like Vader, you get the whole suite of zero-cost mitigation, including Measure for Measure (which you can't run with Vader if you also want retribution), plus The Best Defense..., which is way better on a 9-health character than a 7 or 6.

The deck is light on sticks, but it really doesn't need them. Maul's Lightsaber is huge synergy. I love using it on his Power Action and the spending a resource to roll it back in. Huge damage potential. Vader's Saber also has a lot of consistency with Maul's PA, and can't as easily get stuck in the table like it can with Vader. The only other stick i run is Count Dooku's Lightsaber because of the extra damage when you play it.

With the extra space, you get to run a playset of Fear and Dead Men, because getting Maul's PA and FaDM is kind of the whole point.

Then you also get a lot of tech against other matchups. Mind Extraction seems too good to ignore in this meta. Also, Separatist Embargo is one of those counter-all cards that can be used to hurt any deck it's played against. Finally Unshackle. We're just long past the days where you can't run downgrade removal, especially when running the "big-little" mold.

Anyways, I've had some great success with this deck thus far. I like him better than Vader, personally, just because of the options he provides.


ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 159

Nice deck, would the Executioner not sync better with Maul than the Veteran Stormtrooper?

Dice of Failure 772

@ScruffyLookingDiceRollers there are certainly pros and cons to both. The executioner being melee gives you a little more speed and the ability to run Lightsaber Mastery, while the Veteran Trooper has more health, that great 3 indirect side and you can still run Retribution, which ain't bad either.

I like the retribution build just because of its aggressive potential. LM takes a lot of set-up and makes Maul's dice even more valuable and thus more undone by good mitigation.

More and more, though, I wonder how much the pairing matters. A lot of times I am either exhausting the character with Respite or removing his die with Measure for Measure. So it's really all about the plot.

In that respect, I'm actually tempted to try out Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman in the place of the Veteran. He gives you leader synergy, which does take Measure for Measure out, but gives you Counterintelligence and Make Demands, to add more first-hand damage to pair with Conflicted.

nonameface 197

Any reason you chose Unshackle over Breaking Bonds? Rather have the ambush action than the soft control?

Dice of Failure 772

@nonameface no particular reason other than testing. I want to see how significant the ambush is. If it's not, I will probably go with Breaking Bonds. It also appears as though I can use Breaking Bonds to blank a die even if there isn't a downgrade, which makes it not terrible to have when there's nothing to counter.

inquistorsz 10

Consider using Conan Motti - Overconfident Officer He give a chance at free removal, hand control and a 2 focus side. Also turns on all the leader stuff. If you can make enough money, adding the Admiral and You Are In Command Now package could be a great option. I love resetting a fully tooled up Maul.

thewelcomemat 71

@inquistorszI'm not sure Maul can really get you the resources to pull off the Admiral play though- with "You Are in Command Now" you would still need 5 resources for a reset...seems kinda greedy for Maul

inquistorsz 10

@thewelcomemat Yeah that's a risk. There are some money making cards like Torment which can be nice on Maul and logistics. It's a somewhat riskier play.

Without the initial reset, playing it for 3 is still good. It's a great dice, and then you can overwrite with the second one for another reset later.

Even without the reset package, I still like Conan better than a shitty stormtrooper dice. And the 4 cards you save by removing the reset package can easily be filled with more removal or weapons or whatever.

OrganicJedi 2

Profitable Connection plus FOST or Greedo is plain better. Turn 1 big stick and you're not wasting a 9 point character on Respite

General Vatutin 26

@Dice of Failure seems like Profitable Connection is too good to pass up. What are your thoughts about dropping down to a 7 point character dropping retribution to get a vader saber or mauls saber turn one. Respite seems to much of a gamble

Dice of Failure 772

@General VatutinI hear you about Respite. It's often not worth it in this build especially when you can get good damage with the Stormtrooper.

My issue with the profitable build is that I think it solidifies Maul as a one-trick pony. That is play Maul's Lightsaber then use Maul's Power Action on Maul's Lightsaber. If they can stop that, then you can kiss three character points goodbye. I mean at that point, the deck really is just a worse Vader. Big Character with good damage sides that can't protect his dice.

For my money, and if I'm going red, I actually like Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman better. Leader synergy gives you Counterintelligence to snipe removal and Make Demands for more from-hand damage.

Personally, though, I've been gravitating toward the Maul-Watto pairing (still with retribution). I've been playing it for a while, and I just saw Mike's build from Dice Commando run some spicy tech with Delve and Pulse Cannon, and that seems like it could really push the deck over the edge.

Also, that's one version where Respite feels really good, because unless you hit the two disrupt side, you really just want to hit a money side on Watto - Stubborn Gambler's die, so it guarantees you the money and gives you a card draw AND you can still use Watto's Power Action.

General Vatutin 26

@Dice of Failureof failure. So many thanks.

General Vatutin 26


Here is what Dice of Failure is referring to. Great video.