Greivously Imperiled Seige

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Bpraleigh 110

IG-88 - Single-Minded & General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander pair up nicely, with Grievous' ability dropping a point off IGgy so we can also sneak in a plot-I went with Perilous Escapade over Any Means Necessary for a free playing a downgrade each turn has a high probability whereas I don't predict having many unused/unmitigated bounty hunter dice. We bring Lair of General Grievous - Vassek 3 for some 1 sided claims, and it makes Priority Target a play while Nightsister Lair - Dathomir has no claim action to use.

Bringing 8 Bounties & 10 total Downgrades seems like a lot, but we need to feed IGgy's power action. Wounded (even though not a bounty) feels much better with the ping from the plot.

With 10 Downgrades, everything else gets really limited. 5 upgrades, 4 with redeploy. I tried to find a spot for both Grievance Striker and Bounty Hunter Mask but more indirect damage isn't a priority & Grievous gains little from becoming a bounty hunter (his 1 isn't worth IG's power action).

Support-wise we stay limited: IG-2000 brings an extra bounty hunter die with nice sides. Bounty Hunters' Guild turns playing bounties into speed. Assassin Droid is there for the droid events (Energize & Automated Defense) if/when IGgy dies. Defoliator Tanks are absolutely disgusting in 1 sided droid fights, even more so with Communication Module turning them to . Hopefully Wanted & Dead Or Alive give me the to pay for them.

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