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Billionaires - Are you ready to be hated ? 91 72 45 1.0
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elecash 307

Trillionaires is a newer version of Billionaires by Strog from Coruscant Swoop Gang.

It's the same horrible control version but updated with C-3PO - Perfect Gentleman that opens Red and some new cards that work well like Refusal.

Not recommended if you like to have friends.

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lij_xo 239

Why go to all the trouble of replacing Satine with threepio if you're only including 1 copy of No Answer? Satine is a better character for the deck. If you're going with red i'd definitely play 2 no answer and probably Field Medic or Suppressive Fire. I think the deck can lose Dismantle and Flames of the Past now with supports meta on the way out, and probably just 1 of the podracer or R2.