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DarthJarJar66 13

Now I want to try this deck out! A couple of suggestions: Some more upgrades would increase your damage, which could be hard to do with dooku alone. I also feel like it would lack in resources, so maybe some resource generation? After looking at some of your other decks, I think you could add Dead Or Alive, Wanted, and/or Torment. Force focus can help turn Bib's dice into specials, as you may then resolve it.

Again, this is a concept I really want to try! I hope I don't sound critical, if so, I'm sorry for the wording.

pawnsolo 7

I appreciate the comments! I agree that it may benefit from additional upgrades, but I had worried that they might slow things down a bit too much. With the focus being to hit as many Dooku 3X/1 sides as possible each round I felt like the dice mitigation to achieve the goal of 9-12 damage per round was more important. It also allows you to keep the tempo, kill quickly, and claim. I do worry about dice removal or excessive disruption hurting things, but I think it play atypically enough that most folks wouldn't anticipate how to handle it. The hope would be that if things run as planned it should end things by round 2.

I do like the idea of Torment or some downgrades, possibly some of the new curses from Spark of Hope, but again wonder if they would just slow things down. May have to experiment. I could see Hex or Refusal plus Dooku's melee denial being a mean combo.