Unexpected leaders (5-1 @GQ Paris)

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lanoix 162

My goal was to try something rather unseen at this time, that was really fun to play, with a lot of possible choices. I managed to operate a 5-1 score at Paris Galactic Qualifier. Loss against ewoks. Won against all vilain supports deck. Didn't play against droids, which helped :-)

The first turn each game is crucial. You'll need your ressources to install your board, and therefore will not be able to control anything by your opponent. Try to play 3 to 4 dices cards at turn one. Best play is to have 2 from seeker droid and mastermind. Don't put all the cards on the same character. Then you'll have cards to control your opponent (hand, dices and even board), while your opponent will have a lot of dices to play against.


helikaon 34

Goal successful! Awesome deck, and congrats on the success.

Dice of Failure 822

So why no Military Camp - Kaller? It seems like it would be great to get both Jabba and Phasma on the board at the same time. Are you just worried about the droid matchup?

DarthJarJar66 13

A XS Stock Light Freighter would work well in this deck, I think. It can get you possibly needed resources, an additional action, and has a 50% chance at hitting a special. Lotho Minor Junkers would also possibly help, as it can be used on Riot shield or Seeker Droid.

lanoix 162

@Dice of Failure because I'd rather have one more ressource on my first turn if possible, than giving some advantage to Phasma or Iden/Becket decks. Salt lakes could be useful too, as they're both leaders.

@DarthJarJar66 you're right, I thought about the XS. I didn't had time to test with it, my opinion not to bring it is that games go really fast and I'm not sure to have enough turns to get the cashback on it. But I'll try it, one day. While the minor junkers seems me more unstable, depending on my discard pile.

thewelcomemat 71

You mentioned having two seeker droids early- not sure what you meant by that statement, but the Inferno Droid is unique so you should only be able to have one out at a time. Good list I like it! With the lower health how often have you played Desperate Measures out of curiosity?

Lug 1

He was talking about dice. Having 2 dice, one from from inferno droid and one from mastermind.

Prepared for gaming 25

I think you should add Hunter Instinct into the deck because it stacks very well with phasma

lanoix 162

@thewelcomemat I've played DM a lot... Because on such card like a Droid Assassin, Planetary Bombardment, or even a Conscript Squad, it always worth it when the die is showing the same amount of damages.

Pegasus 1

no Enturage or unscrupulious?