Eric's 4-LOM/Zuckuss Deck

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EricVBailey 7

This is it: My reliable standby, the first deck I made that really had any competitive success. 7-1 record across two loca-store tournaments (went 3-1, made the tweak to add Desperate Measures, then went 3-0).

The key to this deck is that the bounties give you an incredible value for your cost. In terms of design, this is balanced by pace -- the payoff is delayed, so this deck is a little slow. However, once you kill that first character with multiple bounties on them (which is easier with the Gauntlet Rockets, Hunt Them Down, and don't forget to use your Any Means Necessary plot), all the bounties trigger... and 4-LOM brings them back to hand to keep using. Pulling off Wanted + Death Mark multiple times leads to huge swings on your turns, especially with things like Punishing One + Hired Muscle able to get going.

Now, that being said, Zuckuss can make the deck very fast, too, if you get any first-turn trickery with Enticing Reward. It's possible to throw down something like the Vibrocutlass or Pulse Cannon on turn one and really apply pressure early, or just have a solid turnaround on Dead Or Alive/Wanted for resources.

Resources aren't really an issue with this deck, but the design is pretty tight since cards like Pulse Cannon and Hired Muscle will burn your resources reliably.

Your weakness is that you're only starting with 22 health on the board, so maximizing your mitigation is crucial. Don't forget that the Guild not only allows you to play 4 bounties on a character, but also a little action-cheating.

You're hoping to draw the Bounty Board in your opening hand, and any zero-cost bounties. Otherwise, a Donderbus Pistol is a solid first-turn play, and/or Hired Muscle, the zero-cost mitigation (Shakedown). You're going to mulligan the Gauntlet Rockets, and the Cannon/Cutlass (unless you draw Enticing Reward!).

This deck loves playing against 3-wide, since you can stack bounties on their lowest-health character and just start mowing them down.

Once this deck really gets going, it's a lot of fun and feels like a chain reaction of unstoppable damage. The Gauntlet Rockets let you turn the die to the 3-damage (+4 if you're feelin' frisky), you can even turn them 2/3 or 3/+4 to avoid Pickings. The plot lets you dish out 2 damage per turn from turn 2 onward. This means it's not immune to mitigation, but it is immune to bad rolls. That's 8-10 damage per turn basically guaranteed from the midgame onward, not including what you're going to get from other character die, supports/weapons, etc. Maximize Punishing One for additional pings.

If you win the battlefield, if you get Dead or Alive out early, you'll be able to do whatever you want every turn. Don't be afraid to discard the expensive upgrades in the earlygame since Enticing Reward can grab them from the discard pile for free. The whole things just fits together real well.

It's a budget deck, too; Pulse Cannon is the only legendary, and you could just swap in a second Vibrocutlass if you want.

I'm not saying it's the best deck out there, but it's a lot of fun and players won't really see it coming in the current meta. I've had a blast with it.


Hawkeye117 1

I've got a similar deck. Why no Mist Hunter? I find it to be a decent card in the deck, since (if both characters are still alive) you can activate it, reroll, and resolve all at once.

EricVBailey 7

Great question, @Hawkeye117.

And you're right -- if you're going to find room for another support in this deck, it'd be at the top of the list. It might come down to personal taste; I really like the Hired Muscle for early pressure, but I could totally see that being swapped out for the Hunter.

My problem with the Mist Hunter is that, even with rerolling, you're still only looking at two damage sides... and one of them comes at a cost. The action-cheating is nice, but doesn't really fit the deck entirely, which has a slower pace. With the pacing of the bounties, something like Punishing One has more synergy.

Then again, I do have the Donderbus pistols in there, so maybe take my feel on this with a grain of salt, ha. At least the blaster pistols have more damage sides, and without a cost!

I've tried Mist Hunter in the deck, but just always felt like I could use two resources in a more punishing way. I think you kinda answered your own question, too: It's a 'decent' card, but never feels like killer tech. Maybe someday when I'm feeling thematic I'll give it another shot.