Get Zuck'd (Top 4 Lexington, KY Prime @ D20 Hobbies)

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lij_xo 251

After months of insisting that these guys are actually pretty good, it felt super validating to make it to the Top 4 cut at the Prime Championship in Lexington this weekend. Now, it was only a 16-person Prime, but there were some very good players and decks at the tables and I'm really happy with how this build held up. Thanks for all the folks that came out and made it a great tournament! A really fun experience overall.

Round 1: ePalp/Jabba/LM - Win

This was a pretty easy matchup for me as I've played yellow Palp many times with this deck and am familiar with its strategy. My opponent also had some terrible luck, never hitting any events off of Jabba and having to pitch some great cards to reroll bad rolls. It was over pretty fast.

Round 2: eChopper/R2/3PO/Fateful Companions - Loss

I wish I could remember this guy's name because he's a great player and I know he's around the Lexington scene a lot. This was a close match, as I almost had Chopper off the table before he could take out 4-LOM, but the worst Pulse Cannon activation of all time (hitting no damage) left him alive and he killed 4-LOM before I could recycle the bounties, which practically ended the match there.

Round 3: eLor San/e3PO/Anakin/Espionage - Win

I haven't against played much mill, but playing against smaller characters who can't take 4-LOM out is where this deck really shines. I think I resolved 2x Hunt Them Downs throughout the game with 3 bounties on characters. Plus I avoided playing Death Mark when I knew it would help him blow up my hand.

Round 4: ePalpatine/eMotti - Loss

Now, like I said my deck is pretty good against Palp, but not this time. This was my most frustrating match of the day. 3 times in a row, Motti rolled 2 and 1 and just destroyed my hand before I could play anything. Even though he was slow to build up Palp, I just couldn't get any dice on the table. I should've gone for Motti first, in retrospect.

Top 8: eChopper/R2/3PO/Fateful Companions (again ) - Win 2-1

This was my opponent again from round 2, whop had gone undefeated in swiss. These these games were incredibly fun and the deck played super well. The first 2 were total blowouts—one of me and one for him—and then the last round was extremely close, but I rolled an insane all-max-damage roll on 6 dice at the end and it won the game. You can watch this match on Entourage Gaming's YouTube.

Top 4: e4-LOM/GG3/SM - Loss 1-2

I love this deck, which was being piloted by Jimmy from Entourage Gaming who won the whole tournament, and it was honestly what I nearly took to play that day. A hilarious Top-4-4-LOM matchup. These were incredibly close games, and I think if I'd played a bit better I might have been able to pull out a win. Game 3, he laid down a Fist round 1 that dealt 9 damage. Woof. It was still a close match but I struggled to come back from that. Still, they were super fun rounds, also streamable on Entourage Gaming's channel.

I really do love this deck and it can escalate like wild if it goes unchecked. Two cards I'd highly consider adding would be Desperate Measures (to prevent a complete game loss from Vader's Fist like I had) and Reversal, which is also great against huge cards like Fist and Force Storm and which you can spend your excess resources on in a pinch.

Would love to hear feedback on improving this deck as well! Again, I had a great time and am appreciative of the Midwest Destiny community for being generally awesome.


Izzy2x 130

Do you feel that Enticing Reward is worth the slots? I'm sure it is when you resolve Hunt Them Down, but it appears light on the mitigation side.

How often do you get out the supports?

lij_xo 251

@Izzy2xI think Enticing Reward is absolutely worth it. It's very important to the deck, letting me play Pulse Cannon and Gauntlet Rockets for free and load up the characters and it allows you to recycle Armor Plating multiple times per game. I could see an argument for playing only 1, but I wouldn't personally recommend it.

As for supports, Mist Hunter is amazing and I play it ASAP whenever I see it. IG-2000 is mostly there for an extra die to use with Any Means Necessary and is actually probably what I would drop for Reversal. Probably one of the weaker card choices in the deck, but it's great to play after you kill a character and end up with 4 resources at the end of a round.

Scactha 882

Say is AMN important to get mileage out of Zuckuss? When I tried this pair I always felt that he didn´t pull his weight, but I also used Perilous Escapade instead. My reasoning was that PE is extra damage whereas AMN just converts a into 1 or 2 damage.

lij_xo 251

@ScacthaI think that AMN is very important for this deck. With how fast you can get out 3 bounties, 2 guaranteed unblockable damage each round is huge. Perilous Escapade really doesn't do the trick as indirect damage is a bane when you're trying to shoot down one character ASAP. Yes, Zuckuss normally just serves as ammo for AMN, though getting off one of his specials is also amazing with Wanted or Enticing Reward. And your opponent will quickly rethink him once he has 2x Pulse Cannon and Gauntlet Rockets.

nerf_shepherd 37

How much have you tried Jango/Dengar with this concept? I haven't played Zuck/4LOM but it seems to me J/D gives much better resource management with equipment plays and an auto-damage each round with Dengar. Armed to the Teeth seems more efficient than Fight Dirty to me since you get to resolve the dice and then deal the damage.

Also curious how many resources you average going into a Pulse Cannon roll and how effective you find Take Flight

Izzy2x 130

Thank you for the response, I sleeved it up and I'm going to play with it tonight and see how it goes.

Have you thought about adding in something like Lying in Wait? That would be hilarious if you started with a handful of downgrades, and they were waiting for you to do damage and play a Steadfast round 1.

the BEAST 1079

@Izzy2x Lying in Wait is not legal in standard.

lij_xo 251

@Izzy2x awesome man! let me know how it goes.

@melondonkey Jango/Dengar/AMN is a great deck, but it's quite different. it's a longer game focused more on loading up Jango than anything. i'm not here to say which deck is better, but the 'recycling' effect you get with 4-LOM is incredible and allows you to kill super quickly. Plus this deck has 1 more health and has access to Shakedown.

re: Pulse Cannon, always 1, I prefer to have 2. Depends on what's showing at the start. As for Take Flight, I've gotten some pretty good use out of it as a sneaky play, but it's not my favorite card in the deck. The deck lacks ambush actions which really help to ensure damage, and TF does pretty good work there keeping opponents on their toes.

I strongly considered Armed to the Teeth and think you could easily play it either instead of or in addition to Fight Dirty. I will say though, Dirty was the killing blow in 2 rounds I played during the tournament.

Nikhil 207

Good stuff. I agree with adding Desperate Measures and/or Reversal for the meta as needed, sounds like a brilliant idea! ;)

Scactha 882

Speaking of surprise effects I'd suggest one thing: Tireless Pursuit. Maybe shift Take Flight for.

lij_xo 251

@Nikhil ;)

@Scactha my problem in testing Tireless Pursuit was that I would hardly ever damage more than one character. The deck has all of 1 indirect damage side out of all its dice and the card slot isn't worth the chance of The Best Defense... or Crash Landing. If I were playing Perilous Escapade I'd play it, but I don't think it has a place here.

Scactha 882

Fair point. I didn´t notice it´s so consistently . Ignore that one ;)