Whoa, Déjà Vu - Austin, TX Prime Finalist

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ivanhood 27

This should be pretty self-explanatory. High health, Motti's natural removal, a seven-card hand, and access to DM and Déjà Vu make this strong into most decks except droids and hero mill.

Here were the matchups on the day:

Round 1: L vs. Palp/Jabba/Lightsaber Mastery (22 damage from Palp in the final round)

Round 2: W vs. IG-88/Phasma

Round 3: W vs. Han Droids

Round 4: W vs. Reylo

Round 5: W vs. IG-88/Phasma

Round 6: W vs. Reylo

Round 7: L vs. Maul/Mando/Retribution

Top 8: W vs. Aphra

Top 4: W vs. Aphra

Finals: L vs. Yoda/Leia/Astrogation


emersonpi 240

Great deck, highly enjoyed losing round 6 to you.

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