Vader/Greedo - UT Prime Winner

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thegandork 835

UT prime had 32 players. There were three members of my team on this exact list that finished swiss 4-2(me), 5-1, 5-1 with two of those losses to each other.

Then in the top 8, I eliminated both of my teammates in the quarters and semis before winning the finals vs Aphra/eGG2/SM

The deck only lost to itself and Reylo all day.

I keep telling people Vader/Greedo still has wheels.

Don't call it a comeback, he been here for years


famouschamus 75

I played a similar list to second place in Warren, MI Primes and I love your addition of “For a Price”! Vader has what it takes! Nice win!

staylor598 451

Congrats on the win! It was good to see you and your team. How early in play testing did Dangerous Maneuver get cut?

n0stra 8

I play a similar deck casually (I can't set aside Vader :p), but I don't have tested a lot. I love For a Price too!

Do you think Armor Plating is valuable in this kind of deck?

thegandork 835

@staylor598 Dangerous Maneuver started in there, but got cut pretty early. Between using Greedo's health for Desperate Measures/Delve, random Indirect sides, and support decks going for Greedo first, it had very limited usefulness. It came out and we cycled through a bunch of stuff before settling on For A Price

@n0stra The issue with Armor Plating and other 1 cost or more removal cards is that the deck doesn't want to spend its money on trying to survive - it's far more effecting using all that money for killing. So it makes due with the free removal card package that it can run in Doubt, EMP, Forsaken, Hidden Motiva, and to an extent Desperate Measures

Orffme 71

Congrats on the win. It was nice to meet you in real life!

Mr_Chip 58

The father of Vader / Greedo.

Exedor 2

But if you encounter an ewok plookun deck with priority target on vader, how do you defend yourself? I think that armor plates and desperate maneuvers are the best choice.