1st place at Budapest Prime (11-0)

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Ewoks almost got forgotten since the errata, so it was the right time to come up with them again and benefit from the power of surprise. 31 people gathered and only Hungarians which is a nice number. It could be even higher if every local tournament players show up or even some from the neighborhood.

Unfortunately Arena of Death got banned for Ewoks, but Petranaki Arena did just fine. The shields landed on the Ewoks most of the times.

Since the battlefield swap mechanism is no longer a top priority, it freed up some space in the deck for additional damage cards. I'd highlight only a few cards, which got the room:

Laser Tripwire - This card is genius in this setup! There are so much aggro decks in the meta right now and this card with a Target Acquired is crazy.

Chain Lightning - 3 damage for 2 cost is not the best value I've ever seen, but the money is not a big issue in this deck and you need all the damage you can get. If you are unlucky and can't get Target Acquired early, then this card can be a good alternative to finish off a droid or two with 6-7 damages on them. Also good against ReyLo.

As you can see, I prefered some heavy mitigation cards rather then some cheap ones like Hidden Motive or Electromagnetic Pulse. I think this meta is so aggressive that you need the 2 dice mitigation cards more and you don't have much room for them in this deck so choose wisely.

Round#1 - 1:0 vs eSnoke, Mandalorian, Mud trooper

Round#2 - 2:0 vs eObiWan, eAayla

Round#3 - 3:0 vs eChopper, C-3PO, R2-D2, FA

Round#4 - 4:0 vs ePhasma, Trooper, AT

Round#5 - 5:0 vs eYoda, eLeia, TG

Top8 - 2:0 vs eMaul, Mandalorian, Retribution

Top4 - 2:0 vs ReyLo, TT

Final - 2:0 vs eChopper, C-3PO, R2-D2, FA (same guy as at Round#3)

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