Georgia Prime 1st Place 12.21.19 @ Meeple Madness

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thelostwayfarer 34

What a fantastic tournament, group of people, and store to host the event! Originally being from Atlanta, while visiting family and friends I wanted to get out to the event, roll some dice, meet some members of the local community, and overall have fun and enjoy the game with everyone.

This is the deck I took, and while there may be a few headscratchers, in general I wanted to bring a deck that I enjoyed playing and felt generally strong against the majority of decks that currently exist.

A breakdown of the event (apologies in advance for anything I missed or generally forgot)

Round 1 - Vader/Bib - Win

Awesome to see this pairing, especially after the recent changes for Bib. I believe I won the roll off (no thanks Fighting Pit), and Vader immediately had 2 shields and 2 damage due to Bitter Rivalry. Early first round my opponent Dangerous Maneuvered the damage over to Bib, so I targeted Bib first (also didn't want that extra Vader roll out). Palpatine did his thing, built up, controlled (as much as possible) any Vader heavy hits, Desperate Measure'd his Fist, and Fatal Blowed some damage onto Vader, killing Bib shortly after.

Great game against an awesome guy, and much respect with the build

Round 2 - Plowoks - Win

It's a tough deck, but I tried my best to play around anything this deck can throw out, and it's really tough. Palps took some damage, and was hit with the dreaded Target Aquired, but was able to shield up and build while slowly taking down an Ewok. I was hit with an Across the Galaxy, and had to play even more careful to avoid the claim hits. I eventually took out Chirpa and then Plo, finishing with the 2 troopers

Extremely well played and piloted deck

Round 3 - Snoke Mudtrooper Mando - Win

An extremely tough match and opponent. Targeted the Mando first, pushed to 7 damage while Snoke was doing his thing with his troopers. Bacta always helps, but after my opponent dropped a riot shield on the Mando, I immediately swerved to the mudtrooper, which already had some damage thanks to Snokes PA. Once I took the mudtrooper out, I switched back to the Mando, and was super worried I made a terrible mistake since he'd get some more pings and a potential "free" Snoke PA due to the riot shield. I was able to take out the Mando, and then pulled a Fatal Blow on Snoke, controlled a few more dice, and that was the game

Honestly a fantastic game, and extremely tough match against a great player

Round 4 - Reylo (on stream) Loss

I've played a lot of reylo, but this build and opponent was extremely strong and quite frankly out raced me and played better. I was not able to to ramp Palps fast enough, and had to Bacta early for I believe only 3, which didn't help out much. I walked into Intimidate twice, which I was not expecting, and was a great card against Palp. I also was hit with a No Mercy, and that's how Palps falls.

A great matchup against a great opponent, which ended up going 1st into the top cut

Round 5 - Palpatine Watto - Win (to time, damage)

Apparently the only other Palp Watto of the event. I went for Watto first, only to try and shut off resource generation ASAP. I ended up getting some good cards down, and the majority of the match was extremely close. There was a point in the match where I had I believe 3 dice showing modified +2 melee, with one of Palps character dice trying to hit his own base melee to strike for 8. My last card was Bacta, so I decided to pitch to re-roll, and hit the melee. If I remember correctly, I walked right into a Grappling Boa removal, which stung terribly - Bacta was pitched, and I had basically 8 damage stranded, and felt I made a terrible mistake, trying to get greedy. I believe the next round I pushed out more damage, which was controlled by back to back Beguiles, and in turn a Bacta as well as Vader's meditation chamber. I was looking at an almost fully healed Palp with a few shields against mine that was getting beat up. I don't really remember much more, but we went to time, everyone was waiting and watching, and I was able to put enough damage down to win by damage. As Lando says "That was too close!"

It was a great game, and realized I barely made it out after my greedy mistake, and the game really could have gone either way. Well played by my opponent!

4 - 1, finishing 2nd in Swiss

Top Cut

Round 6 - Iden Beckett - Win (2-0)

This matchup is always terrifying, knowing the sides they both can start with and the potential that can come my way. I believe he started out with 4-6 damage (after shields) and I was able to ramp quickly with a few abilities and a saber. Targeting Beckett first is my preference here, and was able to put some solid damage down with Palps dice, his saber, and some PAs with the Hunter Instinct special. A Separatist embargo was played, calling Bacta, which locked me out of any heals, putting me on the back foot. Next round I was able to pull both a Bacta and a DM, so I was able to take that off the table and get extremely lucky with a non fatal Tactical Mastery roll out. I was able to finish out Iden, and the first match was over.

At this point everything starts mushing together, but I believe the game was nearly identical minus not seeing an embargo and getting both Force Storms down. I target Beckett first again, and am able mitigate and control as much as possible with shields, soresu, and bacta. There was a point where again Palps was close enough for fatal, but was kept just out of reach due to another missed Tactical (or the other one).

These games were extremely close, and was great to play against this opponent in this setting. It honestly could have gone to 3, or even gone another way completely if dice rolled differently. Awesome match!

Finals (on stream)- Relyo - Win (2-0)

At this point we've been playing lots of destiny and we're all tired, but adrenaline is going and super excited to be in this position, though it's against an extremely strong deck and opponent, where he went 5-0 and I've already lost to. I managed to get a Force Storm round 1, and ramp it up most of the game. I tried to not walk into more Intimidates, Kylos specials, and No Mercy. I was able to get the damage down and Bactas out, and managed to sneak out the first win

The second game was much of the same, with the exception being much more of a chess match and both players not wanting to make any game altering mistakes. My force storm kept hitting the 4 indirect, and probably made a few misplays, and feels pretty bad when Rey's shields can just soak them all up. There was a point where I believe I switched targets from Kylo to Rey, only because of the indirect doing it's thing. I was able to take down Rey, and there was a point where Kylo had 9 damage and I ended up pitching to reroll both of my Fatal Blows (they were not played the final game) only to miss on a Force Strom damage and now we're going to the next round where my opponent has the initiative, and now I'm really sweating. I believe he rolled out Kylo with 2 melee and a +2 melee, and I was able to Soresu to remove the base. I was eventually able to roll out and get the damage for the win

An amazing match against a great player, and nothing but respect to him and his play for the day!

Thanks for everything everyone did to make this event awesome, including all the players, the store, Entourage for the stream, and FFG for making the game and support around it!


RoAr 11

I keep trying to use Palp, in various forms but always find it tricky. Think Watto is one of the hardest, tried it when Convergence was out but I think I was using his power action wrong. When do you actually use the power action? Is it as soft removal or in an attempt to make money? Is Hunter's Instinct to give a way for Watto to close out games? Did you not run into Mind Extraction? My current meta, after I built a Palp deck that was doing well all crammed in Mind Extraction to decks they could, so i had to re-jig stuff. Did you not want a Protective suit? or how did you handle it?

kennyg21 97

Vader/Bib player here. Great to meet you this weekend, and congrats again on the 1st place finish!

thelostwayfarer 34

@RoAr - IMHO Watto is one of the best characters, especially for making resources. Sure he has no damage sides, but the card and money disrupt can really come in handy as well. His PA is always optional, but depending on where things are at in the round, it can be used just as a "free" (paying a resource vs pitching a card) reroll, "soft" mitigation, or to make money, sometimes all the above. Maybe a little odd, but if I don't have an out and I'll know I'll get hit with some damage, might as well go for a reroll on an opponents die and make some money in the process. Watto showing a blank? Hit the PA and call resource. Palps die showing a blank? Hit the PA and call melee. It's really just about calling the odds and accepting it might not hit, and move on. But it feels really good when it does hit

Hunter Instinct is probably the biggest huh? card. All I can really say is I try a bunch of different cards in that slot, and it was the most "fun" and consistently "there" for me. The special is sneaky good (imho) and can go with a force storm resolve or even with teaching. It's another health for Palp, has a focus, resource disrupt, and a backup resource if needed, so again in my mind it's really versatile. It's nice when you don't get the extra bump for sith teaching as well as early on when force storm isn't around. I dunno, I just had fun playing it and had fun having in there, and yes, it could come in handy on watto, but I never got there

No mind extraction in this deck...I'd rather just play and target a character to shut off their ability

And yes - 100% on protective suit... I had a tough time accepting not putting it in there, but I figured if I sensed someone running something like mind extraction it's probably a one of, so it's either coming early or really late - might as well play around it or take the silver bullet loss if it hits late, but is definitely something to consider here

@kennyg21 awesome meeting you and major respect for your build and your results!