Louisville Prime Championship Winner

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Team3G! 383

This is the deck that I played and won the Louisville Prime Championship with. First off, I would like to thank my teammates for the good practice and support they always provide. I would have not made it even close to winning without those guys. I love those guys and they have helped me become the player I am. Also, a shout out to my dad for letting us borrow his suburban after having trouble with our vehicle an hour into the trip and my fiance who told me to take Reylo over Palpatine.

I know I have many questionable card choices in my deck, but I knew I needed some tricks to give myself in edge in certain match ups. Isolation was a card I knew I would need against the Snoke Troopers match up. The deck has trouble getting good removal, so I decided to take Isolation to remove some of the character dice in that match up. Galactic Deception was included for the mirror match. I was only worried about the mirror match just because I had only a couple of reps against it. Dark Counsel came in handy with all the decks running counter Counterintelligence and the focus sides on the dice. The big spicy tech was Draw Closer. This card is going down in my hall of fame because of how good it was for me during the event. I knew I wanted to either play it or No Mercy and this card was just better (plus I get to keep my hand).

Now to the event itself.

Louisville has always been a tough field to play against, so going into the event I knew the tournament would be hard to take down. There were a lot of good players and it was good to see the Entourage Gaming guys make it to the tournament. I was very tired at the end of the tournament and may have forgot some details.

Game 1 VS Reylo: W 1-0 I started the game pretty well with good rolls from my characters and an early round 2 kill on Rey. Kylo had a Maul's Saber on him, but the game was too far out of reach at that point.

Game 2 VS Han/Rex/Clone Trooper: W 2-0 This was my teammate Kyle who had not played the game since last February. He brought this deck that my brother had built and I was able to kill Han before he got all of his upgrades on the field. I handled the rest of the characters and won.

Game 3 VS Legacies Palpatine/Piett: W 3-0 I had no clue what to expect when this showed up across from me. I knew there would be expensive cards being played, but I did not expect a Vader's Fist to make such a quick appearance. He got a 1 cost Immobilize to get down the Fist. I already had a lot of damage on Palpatine, so I was not too concerned. I knew the game could turn to his favor very quickly and gained a lot of shields before the Fist started hitting. I eventually took the game after blocking about 12-15 damage from Fist with shields.

Game 4 VS Snoke/Mando/Mud: W 4-0 This was a game I had a lot of practice against since my teammate Steven was running it. I was able to quickly kill Mudtrooper and manage his character dice well in the early game. I cannot remember exactly how the rest of the game played, but I knew a had a good chance at winning with the early kill.

Game 5 VS Yoda/Leia Mill: W 5-0 This was a close game against that came down to me rolling hot at the end of the game. I rushed down Yoda in round 2 and turned off most of his blue removal. I just had to hope I could get through the healing and discard sides. The last round of the game, he drew no healing and could not get the last 3 cards in my hand.

Game 6 VS Bo-Katan/R2D2/BTL: W 6-0 This was Against Jimmy from Entourage Gaming, so I knew not to take this deck lightly. I did not know a lot about the deck, but knew flipping to 3 damage on Bo with R2 could be a problem. I rushed to kill Bo as quickly as possible and then had to face an R2 with 3 weapons. His Flee the Scenes set me back quite a bit, but I was still able to come out with the win.

Top 8 VS Ewoks: W 2-0 This was my teammate Thomas who took decided to take my ewok deck the night before. He did a lot of damage in both games and I thought he had a good chance to beat me, but I took a lot of shields then smacked his bears.

Top 4 VS Maul/Mando/Retribution: W 2-0 I had thought about bringing this to the tournament and knew what the deck was capable of. I had a lot of really hot rolls and was able to kill Maul early round 2 in both games. Rey vs Mando was favorable for me and I took the match.

Finals VS Snoke/Mando/Mud: W 2-1 This was some peak Star Wars: Destiny. I played this same person during swiss and knew I could win against the deck, but I was not expecting to be playing this great of a match during this tournament. Going into it, I thought he would kill me very quickly or I would kill him very quickly. I was wrong. Game 1 he was able to get out Megablasters down early. I killed Snoke quickly and thought I had things under control. Then he played Imperial Officer and the game was quickly no longer in my control. Game 2, I was able to kill Mando early, but Megablasters made another appearance and I had to kill Snoke quickly. I somehow managed to keep Rey alive and chipped away at his Mudtrooper. He removed a lot of my dice and I kept blocking damage with shields. I needed to deal exactly 2 damage in the last round and used Rey's power action to re-roll her dice and hit the 2. Game 3 was the most stressful game I have ever played. The only thing I really remember about this game was using Draw Closer on the 2 side of Niman Mastery then resolve all my damage the next turn to win. This was the best match of Destiny I have played. My opponent was very good and I somehow pulled out the win against him.


Bearcat2010 35

Amazing match-up. Had a ton of fun playing you in the finals. Now that you’re officially the champion, I’ll ask the question I asked before our match. How does it feel to be so awesome?

Zarbarian 20

Wow congrats!! I was on the edge of my seat reading this lol! I love your Reylo deck and I’m glad it won!

Team3G! 383

@Bearcat2010I can now properly answer that question. It feels pretty dang good lol. Easily the funnest match of Destiny I have ever played.