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Redentor 109

Do you like cheesing out your opponents with several Admiral resets a game?

Do you like sporting 4 for 1 melee dice but want to give the Terror to Behold a breather?

Do you like having great removal and great card selection and free money every round?

Then it's time to tutor up a haircut, because Bail/eAnakin/Jedi Trials is the deck for you!

~testing in progress - lit matchup reviews to follow.


SamuraiMac 13

What would your ideal starting hand look like?

Redentor 109

Not 100% sure because I only have a few games under my belt. Tentative answer: A round 1 reset is plan A (Trials if possible, Admiral more likely), hunkering down and setting up for multiple round 2 resets is plan B.

The cards I want to see most are 1x Padawan Braid and Lore Hunter, and then whichever reset I'm looking to achieve + a removal piece (Pacify is probably my easiest round 1, less setup needed than Nullify). I will hard mulligan for Braid or Covert Mission for the Braid, and will keep CM in many cases where I desire a specific piece.

An ideal hand would be Padawan Braid, Lore Hunter, Admiral (playing straight or pitching to Anakin's ability depending on my money situation), You Are In Command Now, and Pacify,

SamuraiMac 13

I was thinking around the same. Padawan Braid looks like the most essential piece for this deck.

Do you find yourself keeping Theed for the possible free resource every round or taking shields to try to get Jedi Trials sooner? I think I see the benefit of taking shields, but keeping Theed gives you the possibility of playing a one cost ability and Admiral in round 1.

Redentor 109

Anakin steals shields, so unless I were against a deck which really profited from an extra shield (Reylo), I'd almost always give them the shields (and steal one ASAP).