Plowoks 2nd place Watford U.K. prime.

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1st Place at ROME Prime 12 9 4 1.0
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Superjoeuk 13

Only played this deck as I was fed up of rolling blanks and no damage, I’m ‘that guy’ with dice. So I built a deck with the fewest possible dice.

4-2 after 6 rounds of Swiss, final game After a fear and dead men from Vader all I had was one health left on a Hoth Trooper. Start of next round Darth rolled into a laser trip wire for the lethal. Wow, so luckily squeaked into 8th place and was over the moon. Could have gone home happy then after my last two primes were 1-5 and 2-4.

Top 8 played Leia Yoda mill, guy had gone 6-0 in Swiss, felt a bit sorry for him as my deck was the worst possible match up for him. Won 2-0.

Top 4 played Reylo, he went for Plo Koon first so was feeling good, won 2-1. Moving rocks was the clutch play in my wins. Decider was sooooo tight, really lucky roll on bendus lair 2 indirect for the win !

Final was against Wat Tambor, Snoke and Nute, the guy had beaten me in Swiss and took me apart in final. Soooo many supports, mega blasters, sniper team, fickle’s etc lost 2 nil. But he was a top quality player and a real nice guy and totally deserved it, so well done !

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