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lij_xo 251

Back during the SoH meta, I made it to the semifinals at the Lexington KY Prime with these two boys. While I eventually moved on to play other characters, the printing of Dangerous Escape in CM made it irresistible to start building with 4-LOM again. This build is pretty similar to what I took to that prime, with the main changes being Escape, Forced Labor, and Boba Fett's Wrist Laser. 2x of the wrist laser is a little audacious, but it's super good with this deck so I'm testing it.

Logic is practically the same as my previous deck: you absolutely 100% must kill off a character before 4-LOM goes down. If you do, shit gets wild. You want to start as strong as possible, which means big upgrades early, lots of bounties, and your battlefield!

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