Odd Witch Ritual

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Darth Nikola 82

What's the best deck for Talisman of Resurrection? That is what this deck is trying to figure out. You have 30 health to play with, though you only start with 3 die. The deck is all odd except for 2x Hidden Motive and 1x Forsaken so Mother Talzin and Witch Magick should work most of the time. All 3 character die can roll 2 ranged so you can be rather aggro (esp with Mother Talzin ensuring 2 ranged on Greedo!). The Talisman is best used getting back Greedo or Pyke Sentinel as they are the cheapest to resurrect (4-5 resources). A nice way to play Talisman cheaply is to trigger an Enticing Reward, so don't feel bad about discarding them early game to re-roll for damage. Dark Ritual can potentially get a witch back.

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