To me she's royality (Theme event winner)

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Hipo 51

First of all I have to admit, that I didn't come up with the deck. The credit goes to my good friend and teammate at Krak Dragon Howlers - Adrian vel Night, but since he wasn't using it, I used his idea, changed a few cards and took it for a spin. And you know what? I did good, real good.

It was runner up at biggest TTS Entourage Games tournament yet (new holocron in effect), then I realized that I can use it at UK theme event as well (just needed to change two cards since I was able to use Hidden Motives). It turned out to be a good choice since I won the whole thing.

As for the deck it all resolves around Long-Term Plan which is huge with any distard sides. But sometimes it might also be worth it to take extra resources or shields. Of course you want as much tokens on LTP as possible, but even one can help a lot. To tell you the truth, I think that in most games I was using LTP with only one token o it and it still had the job done.

Another important card is Flames of the Past, which for me, is an auto-include for any blue deck with all the Shiens, Death Fields or Admirals being overwritten right and left.

The rest of the cards are more or less standard and their point is to keep Leia alive as long as possible and maximize milling.

There are, of course, weak spots of the deck with the biggest being lack of resources (there's not to many 0-costs, especialy if you're using the nw holocron and can't have Hidden Motives). There's also only 4 dice to go abound so any mass removal hurts this deck a lot. Still, any card used for mitigation, is one less card to mill.


RebelTraitor 170

What were you running instead of hidden motive in the entourage games tournament?

Hipo 51

@RebelTraitorSecond Riot Shield and Fortitude, but I would probably use 2x At Odds instead if I was ever to use it again.

CharlieWonka 128

Well played. The refusal on Vader was huge in the final.

Hipo 51

@CharlieWonka Yeah, without it I don't think I could've won the first game.

TurkeyClubSamich 91

You beat my droid mill deck with some version of this in an Entourage tournament. Very well designed. Nice work!