[DoF] Ester - Top 8 in First ARH Tournament - 5-1 Swiss

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Dice of Failure 802

Some people call it Sawoks, others call it complete f---ing bulls---. I just call her Ester (E.S.T.R. = Ewoks Save the Rebellion).

Saw made a major splash at the tournament, and this Dice of Failure original character lineup made it the furthest of them all. I think the spice that puts it over the edge is United. It's elite in this build, but even the standard version is such a powerful effect. Saw's die sides, except for the blank, are all 3 or greater value. That means Electroshock, Survival Instinct and Forsaken will not be able to reliably remove it. But, removing dice against Saw is still a big deal. Blowout removal especially. I think that's what held other Saw lists back. The ability to roll your die back in after a removal is indescribable value, and then the possibility of a double-Saw activation in round 2 is serious icing on the cake.

This particular list is probably a bit over-tuned. I think 3 almost-exclusively Anti-Saw cards was a little much and maybe some more standard removal would have done the job.

It's also amazing that this is an Ewok deck that can win the battlefield roll off, and Fighting Pit - Mimban is unreal with Saw. He's better value than Darth Vader - Terror To Behold, which we thought would never happen, and that increases the damage ceiling on Ester immensely. The idea that you can roll in Saw, hit fighting pit for 3-5 damage and then still resolve that die all because they can't reliably remove it, is insane.

The list itself is filled mostly with cards that press your advantage. Every game is a damage race that Saw can usually win, so cards like Glider Attack, Faltering Allegiances and Inflict Pain sit perfectly in that camp.

Convergence is also clutch to slowing them down early by sniping a key support/upgrade, and you need be especially mindful of Captured.

Last bit of spice is Incendiary Stockpile. It may seem niche, but getting one less blank on Saw is huge, and that fact that you can stack it up for use later is huge. Just be on the look out for pesky support destruction.

Saw will probably be a staple of the early FA meta, and this lineup is certainly the best iteration.

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Buffybot 295

Love it! Did you get to use Faltering Allegiances against any rainbow decks? It's still great value against two-colour decks though. I'm curious, what deck was the loss against?