Plo Koon/Leia/Gungan

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lukusbiriyani 7

no offense but.........explain

Conor_King 1

Best guess, this is a deck made out of cards they physically own? Hence why the deck seems so slapdash?

RexHiberniae 1

Exactly. I own very few cards at this point. Most my decks are pretty haphazard at this points but I’m open to suggestions as a relative newbie.

Big Nexuu 1

Honestly. I love it

Conor_King 1

So as a new player you should approach deckbuilding from a template perspective. Then once you're more comfortable with Deckbuilding you can start experimenting. First choice is to pick either characters, a color, or a deck archetype you want to play. Archetypes include, Aggro, Mill/Control, and Ramp (supports). This deck for example, on paper is some bad combination of all three (not your fault) and will play very poorly. For example, you won't have the money to play your upgrades, supports, and, events. Plo Koon is a poor choice here because he's essentially just getting you the blue color and you're losing out on his passive ability, but he does have some synergy with the Gungan and Plo's starfighter. Leia on the other hand probably doesn't have enough character dice to effectively use her Power Action. For me, I think one of them needs to go, preferably Leia because your upgrade suite is pretty decent and is geared for aggro which Leia is certainly not. The Gungan acts as a good splash candidate allowing you to keep your red cards. The next thing I'd do is trash all the supports except Plo Koon's fighter, Dex's Diner, R2-D2 and maybe Luke's protection. The reason for these cuts is two fold. One, we're now focusing the deck more towards Aggro so we cut expensive stuff like Arc-170 and Gungan catapult, yes these have damage sides but they're slow and expensive, I'd rather have Dagger of Mortis 10 out of 10 times over the catapult. We're also chopping things that don't help us kill the opponent, Tech Team and Spynet. Dex's Diner and Luke's Protection can stay because they help keep us alive and Luke's is even free! R2 helps us hit harder and Koon's fighter I've already discussed. Second Reason, you've got to remember that in a perfect world you want to play all your cards, but because this is a dice game with fixed resource income you never will. As is your deck costs 45 resources to play every card, you want that number down closer to 30-35 for a reasonable resource curve. Cutting these supports frees up room for events, now with a small collection you might be stuck with stuff like Block and Dodge which aren't great removal events usually because they are very situational (but they're blowouts in the situation). But this is ok! It always feels better to discard a block you have no chance of using (because say, your opponent has ranges sides) than the Arc-170 you really wanted to play. Don't despair either, I know it seems like I've spent this whole write up calling you an idiot and saying your deck is a flaming trash pile but I have good news. Your deck isn't a flaming trash pile! You did do things right, as I said earlier Plo + His Fighter + Gungan is a decent little combo. Plus you did one thing right that new players almost never get right, you included mitigation cards like Beguile, Pacify, Nature's Charm and Use the Force. In this game if you don't have mitigation you lose, period. Rule of thumb for me is between 10-12 of my cards I want as some form of mitigation, preferably hard mitigation (removes dice) vs. soft mitigation (turns or re-rolls dice). But this number can change depending on formats, characters and game plan. This is a lot but I hope it helps. The golden Rule for Deck building is what is my game plan? What is this deck supposed to do? Then you build a rough draft of the idea, then you start cutting things that don't help you achieve that goal. For example if I am building a support ramp deck I need to spend the first two turns getting resources, playing supports or facilitators like Tech Team, and (cheaply) mitigating my opponents dice. So, I wouldn't include a huge upgrade like the T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle (especially since it doesn't have redeploy) because that card doesn't line up with my game plan.