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501st 22

This is a deck I've wanted to try and create for a while now, and the 40/40 format was amazing to help me do this. General veers is supposed to be elite by the way, but for some reason the database doesn't acknowledge the Relentless Advance team up point reductions. Your definitely going to want to spend those resources at the start to get 2 more snowtroopers, especially if you are playing with your battlefield. If you can get a Kamino Cloning Facility out, you can add another snowtrooper to your team within 2 turns.


Upgrades- Commander Pyre's Blaster. This card is included only for its ability to take control of the battlefield after you use the power action.

Downgrades- Cruel Methods This card combined with Veers PA and Pyres passive ability, can deal A LOT of damage.

Supports- 501st Assault Team This card is for even more control of the battlefield, and you get some free EWEBS out of it as well

Blizzard 1 Kind of an obvious choice, this card is a monster if you can make enough money to use it.

Conscript Squad Just an extra card that can be annoying for opponents.

Kamino Cloning Facility Get 2 of these out and you can have a ton of extra health.

Separatist Embargo Used for those common pesky removal cards.

Tie Bomber Who doesn't like themselves a good TIE bomber?

V-Wing Just some extra damage output.

Viper Probe Droid Used to save yourself from damage in the early game.

All of the Events are either used as removal or resource gathering. If used correctly, this deck can overrun any rebel base it encounters. Advice is welcome.

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