Hyperloop Mill

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Derived from
Top Guns (aka the Hyperloop) 114 86 47 3.0
Inspiration for
Hyperloop Mill 2 1 0 3.0

Nemikan 26

Copying the Hyperloop combo, but this time with Mill!


Faribo 1

Why add mill? This deck wins by using tournament time rules... Mill doesn't add damage to help you win the time breaker.

Nemikan 26

@Faribo What do you mean by tournament time rules? The 35 minutes per round? I don't see that being a major issue....

WarTeacher 71

Replace the Infiltrates with Thermal Detonators. They provide Discard, which Padme needs to win, because she can mill, but struggles at emptying their hand. Plus, Poe can throw them for nasty effect.