Rebels makes drinks in the Bar Clu 1.0

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Clucas 51

Played this deck yesterday. Turn 1: 9 damage to Jango wow this hit hard fast Won that game and the troopers are so cool with Guardian, keeps Ackbar alive.

I got inspired from the The Rebel bar, Its a trap deck and others out there deck liked the ideer :-) so i made this and is still testing, dont have any support because i wan't the battlefield to Defensive Position and Dug in

It's a Trap! is a fantastic card wow love it and is making a other deck in mono red that hit like Jango :-)

Let me know what you think in the comments below ;-) thx


mfauxSWD 1

Promotion is not a good card in this deck because it has a +malee damage side which is useless with nothing to get it off with therefore a wasted die side.

Clucas 51

Yes know, but there are not that many red upgrades so its there for the card draw and resource and focus :-)