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Gameslayer989 437

This deck, whilst being called Gonners 2.0, is actually extremely different in play style to the original. The original was a control deck designed to keep people alive and win through mill, this is an aggro deck designed to put a lot of pressure onto the board very early with a bunch of extremely cheap dice that do an average of 1-2 damage, and use shields and guardian to keep a character from dying and losing those 3 upgrade slots. Against decks that intend to focus down a single character at a time this deck can be great, but against decks that can consistently roll out 8 damage and resolve before you can do anything this deck will struggle.

Worth particular mention is that It's a Trap in this deck is not a huge blow-out card, but a card designed to just do a respectable 6-8 damage when it comes up. Alternatively it can be used to swap to shield sides in order to just do 1 damage per dice. Unfortunately, this makes the deck fairly weak to melee villain decks, as they don't use shields OR ranged damage most of the time.

Videos of the deck in action:

Against Jabba Vader mill

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cecio83 122

Hi... I'm curois about Dug in, I'm thinking about a similar deck, with AND damage, but I think I'll claim the battlefield very few times, so I'm considering not to play Dug in...this card performed well in your deck?