ePadme/eRey Mill - awakening only

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None. Self-made deck here.
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goal is to mill deck/ hand of opponent. Not too far behind is goal to extend character life.

Primary cards: Force Protection, Thermal Detonator, Millenium Falcon, Patience, Return of the Jedi

Supporting cards: Comlink, Datapad, BB-8, All-In,

Character Extenders: Hunker Down, Jedi Robes, Second chance, Scamble, unpredictable

Questionables: Infamous- only will affect 7 other cards (8 including itself) REPLACED with Cunning Jedi Council - slight deck discarding, but gives opponent more access to cards. REPLACED with Draw Attention Jedi Robe - REMOVED 1 and added second Falcon

Battefield: Command Center This looks like a slow deck so looking at replacing this with Mos Eisley spaceport so the opponent doesn't get anything good.

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