Poe&Finn v1

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Looke83 7

This one is my fantasion about Poe & Finn fighting together with dark side. Very strong attack value of this deck [only distance] with pretty good economy, and using Finn to put dark side cards to deck. Poe is main dealing damage card [3 of six sides of roll is using for it] with his special abilitie. Main goal for this deck is not to be sophisticated, but to be efficient. Even events are focused to help giving damage [aim, firepower, rearm], and take cover and field medic are for surviving [and Second Chance of course]. Because upgrades and supports aren't cheap events are [0 and 1]. Datapad is an obvious choice for economy. Another important thing is to keep Battlefield as long as possible [12 upgrades]. Poe is main player, so he has to stay as long as possible in game. So Finn probable won't survive, when it is possibe you should put second chance on him.

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