Fish and Finn

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noseyspike 20

This is a deck i currently have, i don't have any legendary cards available and as long as they wouldn't cost too much im open to suggested cards. My idea is try to get the upgrades like comlink, datapad, promotion or survival gear on akbar to help finn to be better whilst loading finn up with the best weapons, later on switch out gear so that akbar has weapons too if they target finn first. Second chances at the ready for low health characters. Most of the events are about mitigation, moving or healing damage and the occasional offensive card like hit and run, all in and aim.

Overall strategy is deal consistent damage whilst keeping both characters alive for as long as possible hoping to outlast aggro decks that have only focused on attack, and keep constant pressure on more defensive decks, hoping they don't have enough finishing power.

Thoughts and ideas are very welcome, i don't presume to be very good at building destiny decks yet as i haven't been doing it long and only have a limited selection atm :)

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TheSky3 85

I would try adding the F11-D Rifles (1 comes in each starter box), since you can play them with Finn's ability. They redeploy if somebody dies, and give more red dice for It's a Trap. I would also add a second copy of All In, it is so good with Acbars 2x focus to spin into damage then resolve it all.