Phasma mono-red with trained pilot

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Destry210 726


Destry210 726

Put training on tie pilot than all your range's dice can't be remove while on their range face. Use guardian on stormtrooper to keep tie pilot alive as long as you can. Use guardian on tie pilot also so both stormtrooper and tie pilot can live longer. Use Outpost with Imperial inspection to return updrade dice of value 2 or less to owner hand. Commanding presence and your other weapons are keys for the win. Salvo, Swiftness, We have them now and Tactical Mastery are there to give you a big advantage when you will play them. Dodge, Flank and Best defense are there for a bit of control. Never tried this deck before so I will certainly change couples of cards in it soon.

Randu.Candu 1

@maximus, thanks for this. I have been pulling a similar deck together. I can rationalise most of my deck against yours and can have a solid outcome - but I am at a deadend when I think of #Dodge. I don't have this one in my deck - and it is isn't even in my 'consider this later' pile. How well has it worked for you? What am I missing? What is the synergy? Would it not be better to go with some 0 / 1 resource Support cards that generate resources instead?

Hutt Cartel Wrocław - Bert 119

Hi ya, good choice with characters :D I tried to run similar deck on last tournament. But here's a few things that i found quite bad. Training does not give any good thing for both pilot and trooper. They just die too fast to make such 2 cost upgrade worth it. Throw away Imperial inspection as you do not have any dice with disrupt (only commanding presence which will rarely see the table). Also where is wingman? :D Meta is waaay to fast now and you'll need to hit hard as soon as it's possible, so Outpost isn't that great too. As for events i found that there are quite a few that you should consider: Collateral damage and Surpression. Both are totaly awesome. Please make sure to avoid 2 and higher cost events as they will just take the spot for better cards and u wont be able to play those. Especialy when you have no logistics.