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Jpmawet 376

So this is my deck I have pretty much been playing since SoR dropped. Took it to 2 SoR small events and won them both. I've always been a big fan of lots of single situational cards.

Rey: pretty much there for melee damage, resorces, and her ability. This deck takes advantage of that great +2melee damage side. With chewbaccas melee side, vibroknifes, light bow and so forth I can use it pretty much everytime I roll the side. But at last a lot of you know that rey likes to have unusable die nearly every round. So caution, guard, loth-cat and mouse all can use this die to great effect.

Chewbacca: Everyone loves the wookie. 2 ranged sides, 1 melee side, resource, and a very interested and extremely powerful ability. First off the obvious use it turning someones die to a big damage side then killing them before they can use it or just dropping a ton of damage on someone. EZ. Lets look at the combos and advance ideas.

Force throw: Everyone sees this coming and if they can't stop it it could spell game over. I won my final table game vs palp by turning one of his dice to 3 ranged, doing 3 damage to palp, then force throwing the die for another 3 damage. A total of a 11 damage swing in my favor! Now lets look at the lesser known combos.

Jump Pack: Not only does the jump pack just have good high number sides but the special works great with Chewy. Turn a melee characters die to a large melee damage side, hit them with it, then remove the die and add a shield to chewbacca.. Easy as pie. Also who doesn't like 2 shields, or +2-3 ranged damage.

High Ground, Deflect, Reversal, Makashi Training: If you can get a couple actions, which is where rey comes in, you can turn a dice to a juice ranged/melee side with chewy's special, hit them with it, then toss it back in their face.

Last little bit on Chewy's special, the one thing i didn't think about until i hit control match ups in the events. A lot of these control characters, Krennik, Snappy, Maz, and so forth all have that silly 1-2 range/melee damage side. Most of these decks could care less if they ever resolve this side and just re-roll them. Turn a 2 disrupt on snap to 1 damage is so amazing the 1 damage on top of it is just icing...

Oddball cards Ascension Gun: If I do not get my battlefield i will try to play this card on chewie. Against aggro decks getting an extra second chance or 2 can be game breaking. Also it allows me to cycle vibro/holdout...

Improvisation: I actually found this most useful vs mill. They want to punish your bad dice by killing your hand asap. But if you can get this out fast you can use your own dice to re roll and keep the damage going! Plus I find it just overall useful from time to time.

Loth-Cat: while not as good as its villain counterpart it still has its shining moments. With rey you will have plenty of times where you'll be staring at mix matched die and just don't care which one you lose.

Changes and ideas: I will be adding a force speed. Not 2, just 1 because it is one of those cards I never was happy to see 2 off at once. Honestly rey with vibroknife/holdout is more then enough actions most of the time. I find this deck likes to take its time. I am also going to add another Maz's Goggles because that card is surprisingly good (Probably take out 1 OWTF). Every time I saw it I played it and profited immediately! I am also going to try a more blue upgrade heavy version with 2x destiny. So +1 Makashi training, +1 Lightbow.. We will see how this does.

Also going to look into less spot a character events. I'm finding once one of my characters die I have a few dead cards.. Overconfidence will probably be the first to go.


Zonexir 1

I think Rey's Staff is better than Jetpack due it's work on and as well. Also, three sides with basic damage still better then two with +.

Jpmawet 376

I always forget about the specail on Rey's staff. I think I may hangs one out

Randon 1

This deck definitely should have 2x second chance and 2x ammo belt to make it even better.

Zonexir 1

@Randon with this battlefield the Ammo Belt is no required. You can add Ascension Gun for matchup when you lose roll.

Jpmawet 376

Yup. Maybe another second chance but honestly I've had more struggles against control then damage. And ammo belt and second chance are dead cards there. Control is going to explode here in a bit. Already in my area snap and unkar are starting to run the town

Jpmawet 376


-1 Jump pack

+1 Rey's staff

-1 one with the force

+1 Maz's goggles

Tybrid 879

I added a single Force Speed, pulled one Overconfidence.

Jpmawet 376

Ya I have a couple force speeds coming in the mail. Will test with 1 and 2 soon as I get them.

Anomandar 1

What is your opinion on Fast Hands in this deck?

Jpmawet 376

Bad, find I want to combo damage a lot. Been testing different things back and forth. Gotta find the Poe/maz answer....

Anomandar 1

Hand & Dice denial are the key to Poe/Maz i think.

Jpmawet 376

I beat one and lost to another. Right now I'm testing ascension blasters with Carbon freezing chamber . Also sped the deck up a bit. 2 force speeds and possible one fast hands.. not sure the optimal build yet. Funny I went to an event today and next to me was someone I've never met before playing this very deck he got from here. Kinda made my day lol

Tybrid 879

I've been running this with Force Speed and Double Dealing. It helps a TON with the econ.

zoddrag0n 1

Speed Force just too good on this deck not to run it 2x. It just makes Chewie special combos much easier to come by. Also great against control and hand denial, allowing to roll and resolve before they can act. 1/2 Fast Hands is good too, may be too much, as damage is neccesary and they dont add, But Fast hands into Speed Force and Vibro/Holdout is an opening that will put you in the lead and ahead no matter what

amustoe 14

Why no Bowcaster?

Zonexir 1

@amustoe Too expensive.. :/

Bartmoss 1

We need 3 actions to use the combo "activate Rey, use special on Chewie, remove the opponent die". That means "install an ambush weaponx2 or ambush weapon + Force Speed on its special. Why not add DL-44 Heavy blaster x2 despite its price?

Phantasmick 1

im missing Maz's Goggles what should i put in instead