Poe/Maz First Great SoR Aggro Deck

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TinyGrimes 1745

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Hello everyone and welcome to Spirit of Rebellion. I haven't posted any decks yet for SoR because I have been doing some extra testing. However, my testing has shown that Poe/Maz is the Jango/Veers deck of SoR. What I mean by this is that it is very fast and difficult to deal with. However, as the meta adjusts this deck may fall out of favor. I brought it to a tournament last night taking 3rd place out of 17. My only loss was to Poe/Maz that got Fast Hands turn 1, and all of their removal.

The Premise:

This deck is not a difficult one to figure out. Your goal is to put Fast Hands on Poe, and then roll out specials (or damage). You have a pile of cards (10) to throw at your opponent. Including 6 that damage multiple characters.

During most turns you roll Poe, and then roll Maz. This way even if you roll poorly with Poe, if you roll the focus side for Maz, you can focus Poe and resolve it. This is most effective when done with Hit and Run. That's right you roll Poe and then roll Maz, resolving 2 dice.

Matchups are important for the deck. It is important to note that against mill decks, playing the Blaster and Rocket Launcher on your characters is important. This is also important, if you opponents target Poe first.

The most controversial card is probably Planetary Uprising. In my testing, this card just wins games. Get it early? Great, that's a ton of damage. Get it late? Ok think of it as a 4 cost direct damage spell for 2. Play Uprising, claim, claim, and you just did the last 4 damage you needed to win.

So there it is the probable meta defining deck for the beginning of Spirit of Rebellion. Let me just say, I'm sorry :).


Boondock 1

Awesome list, is there even any point playing this deck without Millennium Falcon?

Somehow i managed to not draw a single falcon out of nearly 200 packs....

kbfresh147 8

@BoondockI don't think it's absolutely necessary, it's just a phenomenal card with Poe's ability. You could replace it with a Bowcaster if you're looking for the big damage from hand although that would cost one to resolve. If you have almost everything else listed here, you can make this deck work.

TinyGrimes 1745

@BoondockFalcon is probably the easiest card to replace. Since it only does damage to one character, you could replace it with another card with a similar effect. Bowcaster can still do 4 damage for 1. Launch Bay is worse, but can also replace it.

Matt_the_Bro 1

NChomsky3d 7

I actually think launch bay could be amazing. Roll Poe, then use the special on it to discard 4 cards from the opponents hand, which will be pretty much everything they have. You could also disrupt if they're stockpiling money for something big, put shields on everyone, or deal 4 damage. None of them are bad sides.

Hennessy 8

@TinyGrimes Few questions on your choices and why: Maz Goggles vs. C3PO? New Orders vs. Hyperspace Jump? Emperors Throne Room vs. Frozen Wastes? Thanks for reply

TinyGrimes 1745

@HennessyIf Poe's die does not get removed, C3P0 guarantees a special trigger. It also lets you get crucial money from Maz, or even 1 damage from maz. I think Goggles are good, but theoretically, Maz is already accomplishing what Goggles does. New Orders costs 2 and allows you to get an immediate trigger. The Throne Room is what makes this a deck. Being able to claim and do a pile of damage off of a blank is very powerful.

Matt_the_Bro 1

@NChomsky3dgood point. Launch bay offers complete and total versatility. Is exactly what you need it to be when it is in your hand.

webstergroup 1

I played a friend tonight who was running Poe/Maz and three things in my deck hurt this deck: 1) Blackmail with Fast Hands was picking off the big damage cards (I know that was lucky) 2) I played Cargo Hold - Eravana and I was able to keep Fast Hands off Poe 3) Salvage Stand was doing a good job with 1 resource denial almost every turn or forcing my opponent to play a card when he should have been rolling in Poe.

amustoe 7

My buddy plays Rebel War Room and I think its more devastating than the Emperors Throne Room battlefield. He gets plenty of specials and can focus into them when he needs to. The War Room allows you to resolve a 3$ side (or any side) while still doing damage with planetary. Its just plain nasty.

Nutter1557 1

@amustoe the point of this battlefield is just the sheer amount of damage you can put out. end of the game, you can claim and throw something from your hand +2 (Or ever 4 if bother uprisings are out, then next turn roll out poe, claim and do the same thing, you can easily put the last 6-7 Damage on a character but just claiming/rolling and claiming....

DArk VEngance 1

@BoondockIve seen a version with thermal detonators if that helps.

Rogan Azrael 1

Why no Cunning? Or is Maz herself consistent enough to ensuring your specials?

Tybrid 19

How to fight Against Poe/Maz - It's LARGELY match up dependent, however if you are playing Agro - Focus Maz down as fast as possible. This slows the deck down considerably and hurts the consistency. (Tho with the C3p0 tech Tiny has in here, not as much). You also need to be playing some form of speed yourself, without the ability to roll/resolve or reroll/resolve, you will lose.

For Control/Mill- Attack the Hand and the Resources. The deck is the least important thing in the game at this point to you. Your dice control will be situational at best, so if you have the opportunity to control the Poe dice, use it asap. Controlling the 3p0 dice also will help in these situations. This match is an uphill battle for MOST control.

Decks with a good match vs this -

Poe/Rey - Yours is most consistently fast, and that is your single biggest advantage. Use it to burst down Maz turn 1/2 and try to keep control of the battlefield, Use New Orders smartly, as in this match it's 2 Resources to resolve a Poe/Lightbow special! The first player to play the second Planetary Uprising usually wins.

Hero Mill - Ammo Belt/Second Chance. Get it, Maintain it if possible. This combo Wrecks Poe/Maz as it doesn't have an answer. If you have to Cheat for your ammo belts, be aware of and control the 3p0 Die, as he'll try to discard it from your hand when you cheat it back.

H3pat1tvsJ 25

I'll probably run Launch bay over U wing tonight since I only have one u wing. The biggest problem with launch bay is if you have to wait to get Poe special. If you roll out a special and fast hands it with 5 cards, great, if not it suddenly decreases in value quickly that turn. That being said, I have played this deck with the graveyard and recurring launch bay for 4 discard every turn is devastating. Although I should have just burned Kylo ren down instead. Just wasn't thinking how much pain his special was going to bring with my high cost cards.

Spideyfan629 1

I like this but it just requires so many legendary cards and my local store didn't get many packs.

TinyGrimes 1745

@Spideyfan629Yeah I call Poe, Captain Moneybags.

Boondock 1

Thanks for the advice everybody, tried it out with 1x bowcaster and 1x launch bay against kylo/vader and it seems to be legit trolling gold.

Killed kylo by turn 5 leaving lil vader with 5 health from the u-wing/thermal plus his good ol' love of self harming.

Interested to see how it fairs compared to jango/veers in my local group.

Sparetomato 1

Sorry Tiny but this deck is completely broken. How do I know? I was actually able to win with it! ;)

Admittedly it could have gone either way though, my opponent was playing eKylo/eBabyVader. I drew one of my Thermals and the falcon turn one, along with a scavenge.

My opponent only got Kylo's special off once due to this deck being able to claim Throne Room before them, and when he did, he pulled out my scavenge when I still had the falcon in hand.

The real key to this deck is how fast you can do big damage.

Great deck and thanks for sharing!

ianmalcolm 61

I have no idea why people are recommending you kill Maz first. Poe's ability to keep or restore his health is minimal while a Second Chance round 2 dooms you if you've been trying to kill Maz.

If you're playing an aggressive deck, you hammer Poe down by by the end of Turn 2 and just mop up Maz. Aggro decks need to focus down Poe and Mill decks need to empty the hand before Poe can fire off his specials.

The variants of this deck are strong but are more than beatable.

Grey950 1

I run a very similar version to this deck that replaces the C-3POs with Diplomatic Immunity X2 and has 2 negotiates, 2 loth cat instead of the new orders and friends in high places. I also use Starship Graveyard, which has a little better success against 3-character decks. For two characters I run Throne Room (and swap Loth-Cat for new orders).

I use the shields from DI as needed. There's local ePalp and it is difficult to deal with the extra 4 dmg from dice resolution so that also where Negotiate comes in. It's been the difference maker in my meta and in general I think it's a slightly better deck even if less consistent because it can keep itself a going a bit longer.

Hennessy 8

As this is most commented Poe/Maz deck on SWDB I have two more questions to discuss.

1) How to beat ePalpatine. The aggro from him is huge and we do not posses to many removals. I know that Defensive Position is MVP, but are there any other useful tips? I personally run Friendly Fire, but its just seems it is not sufficient to beat him at least with 50% win rate.

2) Resolving Maz ability. Can you resolve through her ability two dice where one is modified and second is base? I.e. her 1 ranged damage and +2 from the DL-44. I suppose you can, but I have met several people confronting this.

Grey950 1

1) @Hennessy for ePalp I use Diplomatic Immunity in my deck. You can see my decklist here (just published it again).

2) Yes you absolutely can. It can be any two dice of your dice on the table.

Machobeard 1

I'm going to give this deck a try with Bowcaster & Black One in place of the 2nd Millennium Falcon/Rocket Launcher

Klaymour 1

If you claim and want to say use the special from Thermal Detonator, does that die have to be in play??

Hennessy 8

@Grey950 I will maybe try it, but I do not see how this helps. You desperately need to use every Poe die to do 3 damage + at least 1 Uprising. If you do no kill Palpatine on turn 3 (or by immediate claim in turn 4), it is too late in my experience. Which complicates everything really heavily.

Good cards against ePalp from my experience are: Defensive Position, Uprising, Friendly Fire, Cunning (in case they get Force Throw in play). I tried to sneak Dodges into deck, but I am not able to find card slots for it.

Against really well piloted Palpatine, the matchup feels like 10:90. I find it very often boosted by Rise Again and Force Lightning and there is absolutely now way how to withstand that damage + you cannot kill him turn 2 even if you god roll.

LukeCSkywalker 1

If I made this team, I would replace one Millennium Falcon with one launch Bay. I have a lot of expirience with Poe decks, especially the Poe, Finn deck, and I have figured out that launch Bay, if you roll it before anything, can have its sides at five. That's five damage, five disrupt, fivediscard, or five shields.

claxattack 1

@LukeCSkywalkeryour not playing launch bay. Your discarding it. The most it would ever do is 4. I am not saying thats bad at all, but if its not the first card you play on the turn it loses value fast.

LukeCSkywalker 1

With my team, I can save up enough, but i know it isn't a vehĂ­culo. My team uses Starship Graveyard to take the non-vehicle supports or ubgrades back. Then with smuggling Freighter, I can save up enough recourses. If i don't win the battlefield roll, i have new orders to get it back. That is my team, and it will be published shortly. It is called the Foe Fighters.

Hennessy 8

@TinyGrimes after playing like 60 games last 5 days, I have one big issue with Poe/Maz deck. My decklist has Cunnings, has Black Ones instead of Rocket Launchers and otherwise it is pretty much the same. I am not able to beat proper piloted Palpatine deck. I won 2 games of 10, first one was against bad deck, second win was today, when I managed to get to late game and survive through first 3 rounds with defensive positions and field medics. Other than that, it is usually onslaught. My dice are well controlled, Palpatine is consistently healing sometimes even twice through rise again and making a solid amount of shields so he feels like 25hp and I am not able to outrun him in damage. So the question is, how do you beat him? Most of the people do not mention him as a hard counter against Poe/Maz. Decklist example here: swdestinydb.com

Rhavas 7

@Hennessy I am considering adding Maz's Goggles to my Poe/Maz deck to try and hit Rise Again with the special. He is a pretty solid counter against Poe/Maz as his damage can be very high and hard to mitigate. I'm curious what other people think about the matchup.