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Tylonol 333

I had this idea for the deck as soon as I saw Luke's Protection. Originally, it was to be a combo with Ben's Journals, but we got a huge upgrade with the spoiling of Fearless.

You could add Journals, but I found it unnecessary to invest that much into the combo. Especially since we do not want two upgrades on QG that take space away from having 2 blue weapons to trigger Shoto.

Kanan is here over Rey for a few reasons. The main one being that we are not racing to claim in any way and Kanan's dice are just better. The exciting bonus we get is a range and a focus side that allow for blowout Force Misdirection plays. Getting to resolve a focus and play Force Misdirection immediately after is going to really wreck some plans.

Some cards that I wanted to include, but couldn't fit in, were Close Quarter Assault, Confidence and Rend. Deflect may be unnecessary since we plan on blocking with shields all day long. Heroism is there to split damage and break modifiers.

Defensive Mentor is omitted for the same reason that Journals were, we want a Voltron QG with Fearless, Shoto and another lightsaber.

Perhaps we'll get another good mitigation from EaW, but this is the build as it stands.

Thanks! :)


Nate0026 13

Love the deck! So much Synergy and Kanan's dice and ability are personally incredible for only 13 points! Two cards I think would benefit this deck well are Defensive Stance which gives 2 shields for a resource and Protective Mentor for if they constantly are targeting one character. Those are two cards I personally would run but I love the list and would love to see it be played. If you had a Red character Team Work would be a great card too. Nice Job!

Tylonol 333

Thanks @Nate0026!

Yeah, I would really love to use Protective Mentor for the role of plays as being a constent guardian effect, but in order to trigger Shoto Lightsaber, I need two weapons on QG. Putting them on Kanan makes him the threat and target when all of my Shield generation comes from QG. I never count anything out until I've tested it, so once EaW drops, I will be testing all variants of this strategy. Thank you again! :)

nickthebug7777 1393

@Tylonol This list is really well built. I loved Qui-Gon/Rey duringt the last two sets and I'm liking this evolution of that deck. I personally don't like protective mentor or defensive stance and don't mind missing them here. As you mentioned in the write-up, rend is not in this list. I think rend needs to go in almost every deck. It takes care of imperial inspection, salvage stand, sith holocron, and force speed which all in all shuts down a lot of decks. I would personally take out heroism. If you leave that, an upgrade could probably be taken out instead (you have 10 upgrades with dice which feels like it might be too many).

Hope this helps!


Tylonol 333

@nickthebug7777 Thank you! I'm excited to test Lightsaber Pull because that may allow me to play fewer weapons. Perhaps 1 Rey and 1 Shoto. 2 Ancient will be a must since there is so much value in it. Rend is definitely the next card to come up when I make space.

Heroism is the flex card and the other thing to consider is that with all the shield generation, we may be able to better balance the cards dedicated to mitigation vs mitigation in the form of shields. My main concern after Imperial Inspection is Vibroknife and finding a way to remove it. [Makashi Training], (/card/02056), Guard and Force Misdirection are my only options and those are situational at best. The beauty is that my shields are not useless because I can potentially do 5 damage a round with them. Oddly enough, I'm more in favor of cutting Deflect than Heroism for the fact that shields can block ranged damage 100% of the time.

Anyhow, thank you so much for your input! I love discussing the best possible build for this archetype! :)

talism 36

i really think you want to make space for Rend, Imperial Inspection will just wreck this deck

Nate0026 13

Also one more card you could consider is Your Eyes Can Deceive You. I feel like in a deck like this its an amazing defense card.

Tylonol 333

@talism It will get wrecked for sure, however, as more cards come out, decks diversify, and some can no longer be dedicated to support strategies. Time will tell if Imperial inspection will continue to see play. It will absolutely be played in Thrawnkar, but I've already made plans to get Rend into the deck (as mentioned above) once the set arrives and I can test different variations. Thank you! :)

FN-42069 1

Hi, i was wondering how do u publish a deck with "unreleased cards"?

also y no Force Speed?

Tylonol 333

@FN-42069 When creating a deck, click on the "Sets" tab above the filter bar. Select EaW to add it to the rest of the card pool.

Force Speed is omitted because there are no situations where we really need to abuse two actions. Our damage is going to be a mix of resolving melee, shield and Kanan's ranged side. Other than ensuring that we can resolve our melee modifiers, we will be spending 4 actions each turn playing Luke's Protection. Force Speed ultimately takes up a spot that we need for other cards. And in the situations where two extra actions might help in protecting a Luke's Protection from a Rend, it really isn't worth losing another card slot from a very tight deck as it is.

Thanks! :)

Scactha 888

Great deck! I also tinker with the similar, but with Chirrut / Kanan for the better die rolling, Battle of Wills (a card made for Chirrut, really costing 1.Typo) and even more FS shenanigans. It´s quite satisfying seeing smug villain players face fall when you eat up 3+ dice from their board :) But I digress.

I think you may be upgrade heavy. Pull is the perfect equalizer, meaning we don´t need to saturate the deck with dice. I´d toss the Vibros and a Rey sabre, maybe even a Makashi. Put in Rend as already suggested, shift Deflect for Distraction and a Lightsaber Training or two for another finisher. Finally perhaps a Yoda's Quarters which adds another 2 heal per turn for a measly die.

The major shift I don´t think people are seeing is how durable jedis are going to become. Looping Luke's Protection with Luke himself , Fearless or Journals of Ben Kenobi regens 2 per turn costing nothing but tempo. Then we also get Shoto Lightsaber to add more sheilds. The next level comes when we start to loop Ancient Lightsaber with the help of Lightsaber Pull and picking it up with Return of the Jedi. And YQ of course.

I tested Luke / Rey vs FN with only the help of LP from the starter and won 3/4. Between the regular control and the constant regen he couldn´t keep up. Sure my opponent tried to pick a hole with Vibro, but that´s what Confidence, Heroism and Guard is for. It didn´t help. Soon enough a Concentrate showed and FN was history.

Aorakis 4

Surely the meta is going to evolve, but sure thing is, imperial inspection is still going to be play as that card is such a bunker early game, making your opponant to get crazy and lose their ressources in investing for nothing...

So yeah, i believe that rend is a must aswell if you dont want to spend your life by repaying the same 2 cost attachements over and over versus those imperials decks.

Really like the deck anyway.

Just a bit boring that he do not got that 1 melee instead of that 1 ranged side.

But i guess light side can't hope for any big bunker heroes in this set to come. Villains are on top hands down.

Gonna try that deck anyway and see what it GUT ! ^^

Cheers from belgium ;)

Tylonol 333

@Scactha Thank you so much!

I love Chirrut too, but for this build, Kanan's focus is going to be such a huge role in how this deck can resolve damage unmitigated. Assuming my opponents will be mitigating his focus die. So we have two chances of rolling his focus on top of additional damage. I'm legitimately excited for Kanan so he's just not a 13 point fodder character, but will be doing his own job. I also love Yoda's Quarters! Since we do have Lightsaber Pull now, I will probably cut 1 of Rey's Lightsabers for a Yoda's Quarter and test it for a while.

My main concern is that the shields will be soaking damage and finding ways to deal with Vibroknife with the situational mitigation I do have. However, most of the time I mitigate, it will be the greater dice value than Vibro's die itself. The interesting thing about not losing shields to Vibro also makes our Riposte's a lot more aggressive. I know that's optimistic thinking, but I'm excited to see those matchups.

I wanted the Luke's Protection combo to be a subtle element of the deck, but it's not the main engine. I think of it like playing Vader and opening with 2 Force Strikes and 2 Lightsaber Throws. Not vital, but creates massive problems for my opponents.

Thank you again for your insight! :)

Scactha 888

I agree that Kanan is far from a support character. He´s amazing for smoothing out rolls without leaving room for mitigation sneaking through. In that way he´s more reliable than Rey. Am really looking forward to play him :)

And yes, balancing shields and mitigation will be key to get LP and Riposte working best together. The thing I´ve noticed is to be patient. First mitigate and then let the opponent resolve dice. This will give an indication of how important shields are this round and if it could be used as offense. The neat thing with LP is that you can almost always wait to start looping it. There´s no tight window to use it like normal mitigation that is dependent on the board state to a much higher degree.

jdharms 1

I feel like Destiny could be useful in this deck to ramp our some blue weapons quickly.

HeWhoLaffs 1

As someone who loved Rey/Jinn, I really wanted to give this deck a shot. I made a few changes and got to play it a few times last night at my local shop. First game was against Pappa Vader/Phasma and I got slaughtered. Two 3 damage sides from Vader and 2 Lightsaber Throw in opening hand, me having no mitigation in opening hand, Kanan dead before Phasma even rolled in. Round 2 was more God rolls. Qui-Gon dead round 2. So we rematched and things went much better.

I will say Kanan, when not dying so quickly, is actually pretty good, even with that 1 ranged damage side, due to his ability. I actually only managed to get one Shoto Lightsaber equipped on Qui-Gon and no other upgrades and still managed to win.

Some of the changes I made were removing both Deflect, adding 1 copy of Lightsaber Training for that unexpected big play, and 1 copy of Return of the Jedi to get back either a Riposte, Lightsaber Pull to reutilize Ancient Lightsaber's ability more, Caution, or Force Misdirection, depending on what is needed. I unfortunately had my Lightsaber Training discarded right before I was gonna use it.

I also took out one Rey's Lightsaber and added in a Handcrafted Light Bow. I have always liked Light Bow, even with the mixed damaged, which works with Kanan's ranged damage, and also give you another opportunity to use Force Misdirection against ranged dice. It also helps remove pesky shields if you don't happen to draw any Vibroknifes.

I also took out Heroism and added in 2 Rend. I definitely see the value of Heroism, and I only played 3 games, but not once would I have been able to break up a chain of damage with Heroism. However, I was able to Rend away two Holocrons, so I think Rend has to stay in this deck for Holocron, and all the other 0 costers.

My concerns for this deck:

1) Not a lot of money. Yes, there are a lot of 0 or 1 cost cards, but I always feel very resource starved. Rarely ever did I have more than 2 resources a turn.

2) Fearless was drawn in every game, and not once did I feel like I wanted to spend my 2 resources on it. Thematically it fits this deck, and I'll keep it in there for the moment, but that might be the first thing I cut next. Maybe for 1 Deflect, as the new Phasma is heavily played, and 1 Heroism. Not sure yet. I like Yoda's Quarters, but it's not an upgrade, so I can't overwrite to help pay for it, and have to hard pay 3 resources for it, which I already said, this deck feels resource starved.

3) I hate how conditional hero blue mitigation is. Guard is good, but has to have blue melee already showing in the pool. Heroism only targets damage dice. Force Misdirection requires the right dice showing in your die pool. It's not mitigation, but I always seem to draw Caution after one character is already dead.

I really love the concept of this deck. Heck, it beat Pappa Vader/Phasma with only 1 Shoto Lightsaber as my upgrade, and an Emo Kids deck with only 1 Vibroknife and a very late Handcrafted Light Bow as my upgrades. Would I say it's Tier 1, no, but it's a lot of fun to play.

Ion87 25

I played a slight variant of this deck last night. On one hand I see your point about Force Speed, on the other I don't. Some of the shield generating actions/synergy take up time and I found myself losing out on a claim more often than not. I was playing against a cad bane new phasma deck and found myself always being out claimed and then being behind on chances to mitigate dice due to all of it's ambush abilities. I went 1/2 against the deck, so it's not all bad, i just think there could be more value to force speed's presence than meets the eye. All in all, this is a fun deck though and I really enjoyed playing it, which is most important!

Ion87 25

note: I was playing... -1 Fearless and -1 Shoto Lightsaber. +1 Jedi Robes and +1 Force Training The robes were actually useful but the training is an easy drop.