All Aboard the Hux Train (Turn 1 AT-ST and more)

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Masume 1306

Think Hera is support nuts? This deck doubles down on that insanity with the one and only General Hux. You might be confused by this but don't be, Hux is a support generating machine. His special will easily get you 1 to 3 vehicles in round ONE alone. His special uses Mobilize to generate four FREE resources, on just one die alone. Imperial Backing will get you a vehicle for free or close. Most every game I drop a Slave 1 round one if I can help it. His money generation carries through to power the Ciena machine, allowing you to untap your vehicles multiple times a turn. Trust me, this deck is insane and Hux is more of a powerhouse than I thought he would be. Plenty of die removal keep them alive and with them all having good levels of health it will take your opponent awhile to chew through them. By then you'll have an Army of the First Order. :P


theagentcoma 1

I love any deck with TIE Fighters

JazzVoxel2 48

Is there any specific reason why you run 1 AT-ST and 1 Cannon? Considering AT-ST's synergy with Ciena, i would expet to see two of the big chickens.

krez 611

I have a deck with a similar goal (pumping out big supports), but with Thrawnkar. I think you should consider Salvo and Ruthless Tactics, they are awesome with LR1K Sonic Cannon. I'd also consider Hound's Tooth since that is such a great die for 2 resources.

Masume 1306

@JazzVoxel2 There are a few reasons, partly because the damage is insane on it and partly because I wanted to try it out. It helps it's also cheaper than the AT-ST. The special on the AT-ST is also situational. I originally also had droids instead of the TIEs but I swapped them for the obvious use of Ciena.

@krez I like your idea on Salvo. I was looking into swapping out the Tech Teams for some good high cost events to utilize Hux even more. I had considered also swapping in Fall Back to help slow down heavy upgrade decks. Hound's Tooth is also not a bad idea, although I think the monetary aspects of it aren't as needed.

krez 611

I think @JazzVoxel2 meant why only 1 of those cards, and I think the same thing. You likely want 2x AT-ST and 2x LR1K Sonic Cannon to help draw it more consistently.

Masume 1306

True, although I'm still up in the air which pair should stay. The LR1K Sonic Cannon has better overall damage but the AT-ST can be useful against a Hera deck. If not though half it's die is meh. I'll keep playtesting it but I'm leaning towards the AT-ST simply for synergy with Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot.

Masume 1306

@krez Thanks for the input. I am dropping -2 Tech Team for +2 Salvo at the very least. I like the Tech Team but they seem to be not overly needed in playthroughs.

j0n5150 7

Dude, a must have card: bait and switch. Makes Hux twice as consistent.

Rhaplanca1001 1

Why Guavian instead of Bala-Tik?

Shaadea 1

Yeah, Bala comes with Focus, more consistence for your dice. Don't think you need that +1 Health. Resources shouldn't be a problem either. Also I would exchange Electroshock for Quarter Potion. It's much better (no restriction of die value, no spot yellow). He doesn't like you is also not such a great card, eating one of your own. Better ones are out there. Another one I'm not sure about is Drop your weapon. You can't play it as soon as one of your red characters die, and both are the prime target. Disarm might do a better job. Wondering why there's no partnership in the deck seems like a great card when you have supports on the table ;-)

Masume 1306

More input! Let's see...

@j0n5150 I had thought about it but there is little wiggle room in the deck and I often don't have issues getting the special at some point. Also Hux only has one resource on his die so I left it out for now. Not a bad idea though.

@Rhaplanca1001 and @Shaadea I had considered Bala Tik and using him is could be viable as well. What swayed me to Guavian Enforcer (for now) was the extra health and the fact that there are no upgrades for Bala-Tik - Gang Leader to take advantage of when he readies. The extra bit of damage or resources always seems to pay off rather than that one resolve. Still, it's a personal call, Bala would work fine as well.

I use Quarter portion in a ton of things but it does give the opponent one resource, which can hurt you. While electroshock is a little more limited you never really have to worry about the Guavian, they are going to kill him last every time between Hux and Cienna. If not then your going to win anyways.

Drop Your Weapon! was something I put in at the time to get rid of pesky upgrades at the time but there are many options. Salvo is a replacement as is Fall Back. Disarm is not worth it with so many other options.

As for Partnership I had thought the same but I realized two don't really need it. Your never going to claim nor are you going to bother trying. If they claim first it just works out for you while you take your time untapping supports and doing more damage. Since there's little wiggle room in the deck it's not going to help enough to warrant it in my opinion.

Thanks for all the input guys, I've already tweaked a few things and the deck still stands pretty strong. It can beat Hera vehicle spam and a lot of other meta decks I've come across. Worst thing is mostly grenades, so Poe/Maz and Sabine decks are the worst matchups.

olemieux 39

When i thought of using Ciena Ree with eHux, i thought Nightsister was the best fit, since i could incorporate blue, like Advanced TIE-fighter or Enrage, but also to use her ability to reroll Hux or the supports. Now that i see your build and read the comments, i think yellow is better for this deck. Thank you for sharing your build.

DArk VEngance 1

what about tie pilot instead of the enforcer?

Masume 1306

@olemieux Thanks for checking it out! A friend took my build and did Nightsister as well for the TIE and it is a viable option but I agree that overall yellow is better. The Slave 1 is also amazing mid to late game

@DArk VEngance I thought about that too, it might be good but you do lose the Slave 1 and some die removal options alone with some health. It still might be good though to save your vehicle die, try it out and let me know. ;)

Jorgyn Ryys 190

After playing this deck a few times I think the more consistent version utilizes Unkar for an engine.

Rhaplanca1001 1

@Masume I feel like the main reason to want Bala over Guavian is less about his unexhaust ability and more about the fact that he brings a focus side to help make Hux and/or the supports more consistent. I'll try it with him and see how it goes.

Masume 1306

@Jorgyn Ryys Not sure I agree on that one if you mean replacing Hux with Unkar. That was possible before and although Unkar can strike gold he can also strike out just as much by pulling low cost cards and spending a lot of your dice. Hux not only spits out free vehicles but also grants free high cost red events, giving it more versatility. Unkar vehicle was done before Hux and really didn't shine much. Let me know how it worked out for you. :D

@Rhaplanca1001 Yeah as I said I do like the one resolve, it's really a personal choice. I'm not sure if one really outshines the other enough.

I should probably try to list my Hera deck too but everyone has their input in on those now. I have a few other surprise ideas I might toss out!

Jorgyn Ryys 190

Right, a few points:

1.) Hux has three "real" targets in this entire game.(I don't consider anything less than costing 3 resources a viable target for his special.) This deck uses one of them, Mobilize. That is where you cash flow comes in. With the resources you can generate with Unkar you shouldn't care about hard casting things like Imperial Backing.

2.) You have to hit his special, lets be honest here Hux's dice are 50% of Krennic's (minus the disrupt) IF you don't see it you are at the mercy of dice (my dice seem to not like rolling Hux's special or resources) and you have no way to make bad dice good. Pitching to re-roll is not an optimal play at all in this deck. You don't have a Hound's Tooth (absolutely must have) and you don't have Unkars action to even out bad dice. Unkar has better dice for cheaper points allowing for a better character composition and a tighter play.

3.)There is no Lead By Example, let me be clear you don't really need it, but it helps with the tempo of the deck. It has 2 focus sides to get you to Hux's special and its basically a free action every turn for 2 resources.

With supports coming into the mix and the other 3 cost weapons that are stupid good. You have plenty of targets with Unkar to get the gas pedal to the floor. I'll give up 3 in value for 2 resources because those 2 resources just got me another 3-5 damage on target with Ciena Ree. I like Hux, I really do but I am completely certain IF we see a T1 vehicle deck it will have Unkar in it.

Sandmanx82 21

I just tested a build of this last night and it was pretty devastating. My main resource engine, though, was with a mix of Hound's Tooth, utilizing Guavian Enforcer ONLY for resource generation, then usually hitting multiple resources on the Hounds Tooth die to really get me going each round.

Also, I know this deck tends to be slower due to the support play, but winning the initial roll with Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 really seems to help getting out those big vehicles turn one. I find that with Docking Bay - Finalizer I'm not usually claiming first, so I don't get to utilize it.

krez 611

@Sandmanx82 Yeah good call on Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1, I recently switched my Thrawnkar vehicle deck to start using that. Round 1 Hound's Tooth for 1 resource is pretty insane. Which then allows you to play Pinned Down with the other starting resource.

Masume 1306

A lot of input, nice! Been busy so here are my thoughts.

@Jorgyn Ryys You have a lot of good input, although I think your still off on a few things.

  1. Hux essentially gets free money for his event, and anything 2 or more is powerful. It's why you rarely see 2 resources on most die. Saying anything less than 3 resources is viable doesn't really sound legit. He also has a chunk of other red events you can cherry pick from that are powerful that cost 3 or more which Unkar would have to hard cast.

  2. Hitting his special isn't that hard, but even if you have to reroll it's still feasible to work around. Pitching is as ideal as it is in any deck. I do agree on the Hounds Tooth being good, however I don't think it's essential. That's personal choice but I'd rather get out something that hits hard early than something to give me possible shields which may be useless with vibroknife. The money sides are it's best feature.

  3. Lead by example is a NICE call, I do like it..I was just avoiding upgrades but with the resolves it might be good to toss on the Guavian. I might tweak that in.

As for overall Unkar targets...honestly in this case your kind of thinking the opposite. This set came out with a TON of good 2 cost upgrades and people are supplanting some standbys like Lightsaber or Lukes Saber because of it. So if anything the overall cost is going down in decks, save for vehicle decks or FN. Unkar generally averages 1-2 on a hit if your lucky on normal decks. It normally costs you two dice and if you strike out? I'd rather take a sure thing on one roll in special than a random chance on 2-3 dice. I get your an Unkar fan, I am too but I honestly don't think he's going to be the answer...otherwise he would have been already? Thrawn might make it happen...guess well see.

@Sandmanx82 I like the example of Hound's Tooth with Guavian...I love him for the fact that he has either damage or resources. Great call on the battlefield, I totally agree on that one!

Thanks again for all your input guys, I think this deck could be beastly enough to make it into high meta. I think someone ran it at a recent tourney too where Tiny attended and it did well, if I'm not mistaken. :D

LutanHojef 1

I think I just found my new favorite deck. I never understood the point of mobilize until now.

Masume 1306

@LutanHojefThanks for the compliment! It's a very solid deck and I was hoping I'd get mentioned in on of the Chance Cube articles but they named a derivative of mine I think. :\

Le Richelieu 1

Hey @Masume, just wanted to say I've been having a blast with this list in the last month. Such a fun deck to play!

I'm running double Datapad for Hux special consistency and manage mitigation a little bit better when my opponent knows the deck. Salvo and Heat Of Battle are absolute beasts since our opponent often rolls and resolves way before us. Finally, I'm running a single Quadjumper to help get those vehicles out faster or if General Hux - Aspiring Commander is down to early.

Loads of fun. Thanks for sharing.

Masume 1306

@Le Richelieu I'm glad your enjoying it! I love taking characters like this and making something click with them. I like your ideas on the Datapad and Heat Of Battle, I will be testing them out myself. Not sure if there is room for Salvo but I will tinker. Quadjumper I had always considered, give me some reports if it really helped you.

Thanks for the input!

KaosNsues 1

@Masume With playing this deck as much as you have, what cards have you removed and or added to the list?