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kujoe1988 217

7-1 during Swiss, finished in first going into top 8. played a very nice guy in the top 8 that I beat in round 7. he got his revenge on me :). great regional and very happy with my day. if you have any question let me know!

round 1 eobi and yoda- W round 2 eyoda and ehondo- W round 3 eyoda and ezeb-W round 4 rieekan, yoda, and Jedha- L only loss on Swiss and this was to the guy who won the whole regional so not too upset.) round 5 eTarkin and esister-W round 6 ePoe and eAayla- W round 7 ePoe and ehondo- W ( he got is revenge in the top 8 match, very nice guy) round 8 ePoe and eHondo-W


Hason42 13

Great gob! Was wandering how the battlefield choice played out over Obi-Wan’s hut. Was Ataru strike hard to use? Do you think Force speed would have helped you?

kujoe1988 217

@Hason42 the battle field is to help with money to pay for the 3 cost weapons. Obi hit was used originaly and is still not a bad option but I injoy the income. I am considering moisture farm instead to combat mill a bit. Ataru was used in 3 matches only, but did 6 dmg off of one dice each time so it can be clutch. I do not think force speed would have helped at all tbh. The deck is fast enough on its own and you need the slot for a weapon. And thanks!!

TheHyperloops 3617

Great job, we were looking for a solid Obi-Wan list for our gauntlet page. watch out for our update tomorrow

kujoe1988 217

@TheHyperloops will do! Thanks!

MudkipOnBike 1

Thoughts on Moisture Farm vs. Outer Rim Outpost? I've found that the extra card never really matters very much, and I'm worried about the possibility of breaking Ancient Lightsaber loops, especially since Force Illusion and the need to reroll for damage means that the deck mills itself pretty quickly.

Merl1nus 131

Hey. Great job and great deck! Couple questions as a fellow obi-maz player.

  1. Did you find that the battleground helped the other player more? What about against poe2 / hondo which can claim fast?
  2. Did you find you used unbreakable a lot? Or that the shields tended to always be taken away by damage too quickly?
  3. Do you find resources being scarce or just fine with reaping? Was reaping more of a dead card or not?
  4. If Maz died how did you deal with consistency loss then? Just reroll?
  5. No lightsaber pull? Get not needed due to mill or that you went through the deck fast enough already?

Thanks and great job again!

kujoe1988 217

@MudkipOnBike The one change I am making to this before my next regional next weekend is to change to moisture farm... the card only hurt me against my only loss that was the mill deck.

kujoe1988 217

@Merl1nus Thanks!

  1. The only match up it hurt me a bit was my only swiss loss to Mil.. will be changing to moisture farm
  2. Unbreakable was used about 99% of the time. It is a great card.. best part is if they roll a sp or blank and you have zero shields you can remove it cause the value of that die is 0.
  3. Like most decks there are times resources get tight but reaping was one of my MVP cards... able to get obi saber or light bow round one is huge.
  4. Learn to play your dice well. What I mean is reroll a couple times if you dont mind losing the cards other wise take the resources and shields as they come... of course this depends on how your match is going. I was able to take 3 shields from obi dice and obi saber and riposte for the win... you dont always need dmg.. though it is nice if it works out that way :)
  5. Light saber pull is not needed... no room for it. Obi saber, light bow, heirloom... all great so plenty of options to get with normal drawl. Not one point did I miss or want light saber pull.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I may add a card or two from rivals in here but currently testing that.

Merl1nus 131

@kujoe1988. Thanks for the quick reply. Didn't even think about that. Awesome. I was considering something like concentrate to get more consistency. Never mind that I still love Running Interference. No overconfidence? Or is it because spot blue? So with no pull then you don't find needing two shotos for consistency and the shield hate/generation or use lightbow for that? My worry with lightbow was if maz died then weapon loses value. Thanks again!

BG73 14

Hi - fellow Obi/Maz here. I run 2 Shotos, did you only run 1 to leave space in the deck or do you find you don't need the extra one? How often did yours Riposte? I don't run it at the minute, do you leave it until it guarantees a knock out or just to ramp up the damage earlier in the game? Cheers.

kujoe1988 217

@Merl1nus ok so coulpe things here. 1.Overconfidence is not needed with all the other dice removal in the deck.

  1. you only need one shoto... in an early version of the deck I had 2. which is a bit more defensive but really lowers your offense. Handcrafted is beyond better to have on them.
  2. Depending on how my match is going changes the way I play.. Are they hitting obi fast and hard... Kepp him alive as long as you can but put a hand crafted or any weapon on maz to start beefing her up... at best that start to kill her leaving obi time to shine... at worse by the time obi is gone maz should have at least 2 weapons if not 3 and she does work at that point.

kujoe1988 217

@BG73 Ok here are my thoughts.

  1. I had 2 shotos in an early version of this deck, it is a bit more defensive but, you need the higher dmg.. so hand crafted, obi saber, heriloom are all better. So one is plenty to have and opens room in deck for another card
  2. Riposte is great both ways... in early match siting on lots of shields with a way to get them back quick (caution would be a great way) use it early to push damage... But Riposte hands down won me two matches and helped me come back from behind on another. It a great closer.

StaticCat 40

Looks like fun personally I’d drop the High Ground and put in 1 Lightsaber Pull to allow you to get Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber or Shoto Lightsaber if you already have them in hand or draw into them then you get your Heirloom Lightsaber or your Handcrafted Light Bow just a thought. Again looks like a fun deck.

rusty 158

I'm not crazy about Negotiate. Most turns I found that I activated with Obi first, then Maz. You can use one of Maz's dice later in the turn but Negotiate just isn't good late game as your opponent tends to have enough dice in the pool that it doesn't matter.

I think Mislead or Entangle could be better suited for that slot.

As a general rule, I prefer to run Well-Connected over Truce. #Truce can be a blow out when Obi is showing a 3M for one resource but I've found that the card your opponent gets from Well-Connected is generally less valuable than the resource.

I really like the deck and I think it will be a staple 'fair' deck throughout the meta. The question is whether it can keep up with all of the tricks of decks like Vehicles, Sabine, Hondo, Mother and so on.

LordVampire 1

@rusty The problem with Well Connected is you need to spot yellow. He only has 1 copy of Truce in the deck, so if he replaces it with Well Connected, chances are a lot higher he can't play it with Maz being dead by the time he got the card. Also a resource might help the opponent more than a card (though in general, cards are worth more, hence everyone chooses to lose resources when Abandon All Hope is played), Truce has ambush, so you can at least resolve that 3 melee for 1, or play a removal card for 1, before your opponent can react to it.

kujoe1988 217

@rusty what @LordVampire states is correct. to address your other question. Negotiate is a great card. It has saved me anywhere from 6-7dmg just by removing one die. This card won me a match in the 6th round. I took away a obi dice showing a resource and he had te remove 2 out of 3 guns... saved me 6dmg.. I only had 7hp left. Mislead only works on char die and has to be 2 or lower... so I will keep negotiate in there... thanks for the comment!

Ion87 25

Congrats on the win! If you had to only run one lightbow, what weapon would you add or add a second copy of?