eObi/eMaz New Zealand National 5th Place

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eObi-WanKenobi/eMazKanata - Chicago Regionals Winner 78 62 24 1.0
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VolkZ08 14

I came 5th place and got 3 wins and 2 losses at the New Zealand Nationals with this deck. It is very fun, and running interference is godly, and so is heightened awareness

In your starting hand, you want to make sure you draw running interference. Maz's goggles is a good draw as well. try to shield up Obi and then hit for high damage with Ataru strike, riposte, or synchronicity. Maz's effect is great to quickly resolve damage. I only ran 6 or 5 mitigation because running interference pretty much solves that problem for a turn or 2.

There is obviously room for improvement. I'm just missing some expensive cards

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